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Come – be part of our growth!

In 4 years, we have created India’s largest community of data scientists and data hackers. We are a bunch of people who think, smell, eat and dream data every day. We look at this world as a matrix, where access to data means access to everything.

If you enjoy facing new challenges every day, if you get excited by creating something never created before. If you think and dream innovation using data – come join us in this exciting journey! We are looking for people beaming with passion about creating and solving problems using data.

Here are a few things you can expect at Analytics Vidhya

  1. Flexible Timing and infinite holidays
  2. Cutting edge data tech
  3. Whiteboarding and passionate discussions
  4. Access to world’s best data scientists
  5. Continuous learning & Challenges


Current Available positions

Engineering Roles

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Frontend Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Android & iOS Developer

Data Science Roles

Data Scientist

Data Science Intern


Marketing & Sales

Senior Business Manager (Field Sales)

Marketing & Operations Executive


Life at Analytics Vidhya

Meetups from Analytics Vidhya


The Team

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