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Kunal Jain, founder of Analytics Vidhya is an IIT Bombay graduate and has 10+ years of Global Business Analytics experience. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India.

In his last engagement before starting up, he had set up and scaled up a Business Analytics & Intelligence team in a multi-national Insurance company.

Always keen to learn the next technological disruption, he can have passionate discussions about gadgets, automobiles, technology and health (although the amount of discussions on health has no correlation with his own fitness!) at any time of the day.


Sunil Ray is Chief Content Officer of Analytics Vidhya. He brings years of experience of using data to solve business problems for several Insurance companies. Sunil has this knack of taking complex topics and then breaking them into easy and simple to understand concepts – a unique skill which comes in handy in his role at Analytics Vidhya.

Sunil also follows latest developments in AI & ML closely and is always up for having a discussion on impact of technology on years to come.


Simran Singh leads Strategic and Business partnerships for Analytics Vidhya. Simran brings in immense experience of working with large Enterprises and addressing their data needs. Before joining Analytics Vidhya, Simran had worked with large IT companies like IBM, SAS & SAP.

In his current role, he is responsible for the overall business development and building strategic partnerships at Analytics Vidhya.


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  • Ambooj says:

    I love your website and it is really wonderful to know analytics!!

      • Dhananjay says:

        Hi Kunal,

        Very Happy to see you starting something of your own. It was warm working with you during your past career assignment with a leading Insurance company.

        The new initiative as a whole works well for anyone at any stage and any way related to analytics.

        Wish you all the best.


        • Kunal Jain says:

          Thanks Dhananjay for these warm wishes.

          I would have said the same thing about our work together.

          Lets stay in touch.


  • cooltech says:

    I am an IT engineer with 8.5 years of experience resigin into Mumbai and I want to enter into data analytics. What courses/certification I need to do for this?

  • aishwarya says:

    hello kunal, i have seen your article. but im little bit confused in doing this course as i have done my bachelor’s in management stream but im very much intretsed in doing analytics course i don’t have any knowledge about analytics. can you please suggest me what course should i opt for getting a job as analyst please help me out.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Have replied to your comment on the article “How to start a career in Business Analytics?”. That should suffice for this query as well.


  • Nagaraju says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Very much impressed with your website. Cheers.:)

    I did MBA from NMIMS and currently working on SAP SD in Infosys. I have 3 yrs prior MBA work ex on SQL and .net.
    I want to pursue career in analytics. Please answer my below questions.
    As an MBA graduate I am expecting a consultant/manager role in analytics company. Is it necessary to learn technical aspects like cleaning data,running models,applying statistical tests etc..?
    If so how much proficiency they expect from me?
    I am already learning R and a bit of machine learning by following courseera website.Let me know is learning SAS necessary to get a job in analytics?
    Please guide me on how to prepare for analytics interviews?(pls share any soft copies if you have)

    Thanks in advance

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Thanks or your appreciation. Here are answers to your questions:

      * My view is that until and unless you learn and experience the technical skills, it will be difficult for you to fill in the shoes of a consultant / manager. You need to go through the grind, in order to appreciate the finer details of the role.

      * When I look out for candidates, I look out for people you are inherently curious and have high attention to details. Both the things contribute significantly to technical abilities. My view is that you need to be on top of technical details before becoming a manager / consultant.

      * SAS is not necessary and the policy would vary from company to company. SAS has approx 50% – 60% market share in India, so your chances of getting a job increases. Having said that, there is very little competition on R jobs. So even though the number of job postings would be less, the competition would be low as well. Having said that, you would likely need demonstration of hands on experience / capability for the role.

      Regarding the preparation of interview, you can go through the following articles:
      1. How freshers can prepare for analytics interview?
      2. Tips for cracking a guess-estimate
      3. How to identify a good (and bad) business analyst?

      In addition to these, there are multiple articles in pipeline emphasizing on this topic. So, I would recommend that you subscribe to our emails and stay tuned.

      Let me know, if you have any further questions.


  • Nagaraju says:

    Thanks for clarifying Kunal.

    though I have theoritical knowledge I dont have handson exp. I wanna execute one end to end analytics project once. I am not able to find any companies offering internships. I came across REtail course in jigsaw academy. Do u hav any idea how useful this could be for me in getting a job in analytics company?

  • Alphin says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have completed MBA in Marketing and have 2 yrs of work experience (Team lead) in TCS BPS. I am planning to move into Business analytics area and confused between the courses offered. I am confused between BA courses offered in NIIT and IIM-C. IIM-C charges 2.5L while NIIT charges 1.3L. Though IIM-C is a far better brand and more expensive bet, is it really worth the money? Or is NIIT sufficient for a starter like me?
    Besides R is taught as a part of the course in NIIT whereas it is not in IIM-C.

    Please advise.

    Thank you
    Alphin Joshua

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Between the two options, I would recommend IIM C at this stage. The course from NIIT is new and I am not sure about how it will pan out. Apart from brand, NIIT is only using R, which has relatively less job market share in India as of now.


  • Varsha Venkat says:

    Excellent articles ! Kudos guys 🙂

  • Avinash Agrawal says:


    Presently I am doing MBA in Marketing. Looking forward to a career in analytics.
    Can u suggest some good courses in Delhi NCR for the same.
    Need to get training in SPSS and Excel.
    What can u say about the courses of analyticslabs in Gurgaon.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Great Lakes might be a good choice to look at. I haven’t interacted with any one who has undergone a training with Analytixlab, hence I can not comment on it.

      Do let me know in case you come across some one who has first hand experience of their training platform.


  • Manu Shrivastava says:

    Hi, Tavish and Kunal

    Excellent work!


    🙂 🙂

  • Uddin says:

    Tavish / Kunal,
    Excellent blog. Great information and case studies. I appreciate it as a student of this subject matter. Thank you for running this website.

    I have a question and hope you guys or the readers here will be able to guide me.

    I am about to pursue a Master’s degree focusing on Business Analytics from a good university in the US. I have done my undergrad in Computer science and Software Engineering and have about 10 years of IT consulting experience as a Business Analyst / QA Analyst mostly. That is what I am doing currently.

    How can I get best return on my investment (time/money and energy) on the master’s program. What can I do to maximize my standing in the Analytics job market after I graduate from the program. Should I get some certification? any kind of experience in addition to the degree?

    Eventually, I want to go to a Business Intelligence Officer, or Business Strategy consultant position, (if not better) where I can guide/manage or advise company strategy etc using my Analytics experience. How can I get there from where I am right now?

    Thank you.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      Business Analytics / Intelligence are very dynamic areas as of now. Trying to predict what all you would need 2 years down would not achieve much. I would say that try and maximize your learning over next 2 years through your course, open platforms like Coursera, network with people in industry and be on lookout for data science challenges / opportunities while you are undergoing the course.

      If you learn the subject, jobs will follow.


  • Vijayakeerthi says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Greetings! Your website has great information on Analytics and it is interesting. I am called for Great Lakes PGPBA Admission. I have few queries over it.

    1. Is it a full time course (ie. on a degree perspective do they offer full time Post Graduate Certificate)

    2. How is the course curriculum structured with respect to industry needs.?

    3.I want to pursue an analytics career. They dont offer placement services for this particular course .How can i take a jump in this situation ?

    Thanks in Advance Kunal

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Here are responses to your queries:

      1. This is not a full time course. I am not sure how it will appear on the degree.

      2. The course curriculam is good and serves the need of the industry.

      3. At this stage, this would be a leap of faith. You will have to look out for placements once you are on the course. Since this is not a full time course, you can continue to work with your existing employer. You don’t lose much!

      Hope these answers help.


      • Tapsi ahuja says:

        Did you finally do the course? What are the future prospects as my work experience is not related.
        What kind of a starting salary can I expect after this course?
        I am an engineer and was working as a real estate consultant for 2 years.
        Please help me make an informed decision. I need an opinion if I should join pgpba in great lakes gurgson?

    • deepti says:

      Hi Vijaykeethi

      Did you finally do the course? What are the future prospects as my work experience is not related.
      What kind of a starting salary can I expect after this course?
      I am an engineer with 3.2 years of IT experience.
      Please help me make an informed decision. I need an opinion if I should join pgpba in great lakes gurgson?

  • Kartar Kuntal says:

    Hi Kunal/Tavish,

    It’s good to see your superb luanch of analyticsvidhya.com.

    Trust this will show us new trends in analytics field.

    all the very best !!!

    -kartar kuntal

  • Ram says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Please accept my heartiest greetings for sharing and guiding people. it is really appreciable.

    I am having 12 years of IT experience in microsoft technologies especially with SQL BI reporting and data ware house and techncial consultant experience in MS Dynamics AX ERP implementations. I wanted to move Analytics industry. Could you please suggest which role i should target like business roles or technical roles and how i can plan next steps please?


    • Kunal Jain says:


      You should take a few courses offered on open platforms like Coursera, Udemy. If you like them, you should then look at making a bigger investment in training / looking out for a position.


  • amit says:


  • Cini says:

    Hi Kunal, Tavish

    This was much needed, a good source for BI & Analytics trends based on Indian Market specially.
    I have a brief work ex in SAP BI. I am planning for Masters in BA. but lil skeptical, as to which will solve the purpose well- a training in SAS ,, some work exp and then a degree or directly getting into the masters.
    Is SAS Worth a try for beginners?

    Once again, great work guys. All the Best!


    • Kunal Jain says:


      Thanks for your appreciation.

      Regarding your query with SAS, please look at the latest article we have posted here.

      In Indian context, SAS is the right language to learn for freshers.


  • Cini says:

    Thank you Kunal.

    All the best!

  • sitanshu jain says:

    i am a chartered accountant with 2 years of work experience in Oracle Billing product.i have an interest in statistics, so i started pursuing Business Analytics and have cleared my Base SAS certification. Going forward, should i go for PMLR or BI given the fact that i don’t have any experience in SAS.
    Also, please guide me that being a CA, would i have any advantage in this field.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      What do you mean my PLMR?

      As a CA, you bring in a lot of financial knowledge with you, which is always an advantage. Since you do not have background in maths / stats, that will be your weakness (only until you learn it). I don’t see CAs having any dis-advantage, but the advantage is also limited. If you focus on Financial Analysis, there is a big advantage you carry in.


      • sitanshu jain says:

        Hi Kunal,
        Thanks for your reply.

        By PMLR, I meant Predictive modelling using Logistic Regression.
        I studies maths/stats in graduation and my basics are good. I am good at financial anlysis, but would that be relevant if i enter in SAS analytics and that too in PMLR area.
        Also, please guide me regarding the job opportunities that are present outside once i finish my course like where i should particulary concentrate to make the most out of this.

  • Kunal Ghosh says:

    Hello Kunal,

    I have done my BBA and currently pursuing my MBA in Finance but it is a correspondance course. Hence I am looking for a certification and a job which will back my MBA. I planned to move into this field of data analytics but I am really unsure that I have the requisite skills or not.

    As far my understanding is concerned:- I have an interest in subjects like Maths, Stats, Economics, Finance.
    Have studied then and they do not scare me.
    If some concepts scare me I am an persistent effort maker to clear my doubts.
    I am learning excel which I hope will help me in this field.

    So, can you suggest me :-
    First, Can I go for this field.
    Second, If I go, will certifications help me in enhancing my knowledge as I am not from a statistics background.
    Third, As I am learning excel can you me guide which are the highly used features in this domain, or with an online or offline training programme for advanced excel.

    Thank you,

    • Kunal Jain says:


      It is important that you love and enjoy the subject of probability and statistics (and not just be not scared about them).

      1. You can go in the field, but it would be difficult to get in with your current credentials.
      2. Certifications will definitely help you a lot.
      3. If you want to learn Excel, chandoo.org is a good place to start. We are offering a training which might suit your requirement well. It is not a training on Advanced Excel, but on its usage in analytics industry.


  • Vikas Rana says:

    Hi Kunal/Tavish ,

    Thank GOD , I just found your website . I couldn’t have found any other site with better explanations . I found articles worth reading and kudos to your team .

    Presently i am working as a Mainframe/Unix system programmer with 3+ year of experience . I always had interest with numbers and presentations . I have been hunting down all the information for analytic’s for the last 2-3 months and last month i joined Base SAS course . My doubts are :-

    a) Most of the openings i see are for post graduates from some IIM’s or reputed colleges. Since i am BTECH.
    so, what should i add in my profile to get some job opportunities to learn . Will doing a SAS certification will suffice ??

    b) What is the hierarchy fin business analytic’s . At what level you join and how you move up the ladder . What are the changes in responsibilities?? {I m sure i may be bugging you but every help is appreciated. }

    • Tavish Srivastava says:


      Appreciate you reading articles on our blog. Here is my take on the two questions you asked :

      a) Captive units with in-house analytics used to reserve their recruitment to IITs and IIMs. Post graduation never played a role in your recruitment. But the number of passing out students from these top notch college are not able to match the pace of expansion in analytics industry. Hence, now everyone stands equal chance to get into analytics. SAS certification will definitely add to your skills and your profile. But these courses are really expensive.

      b) You start your career as a business analyst. The next level in terms of responsibility is analysis manager (people manager). It takes significant time for this promotion and hence companies have introduced multiple levels between the two. These roles might differ in terms of the toughness of problem statement they deal with, but are all individual contributor roles.

      Hope this helps.


  • payal says:

    hey kunal how much this course will be helpful for a student pursuing actuarial science from IAI.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Are you talking about the summer training which we are offering?

      In case yes, can you mail me your contact on my mail id. I’ll be able to advice you better after understanding your perspective.


  • Mahesh Agarwal says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Thanks for this platform you guys created. It is very useful and relevant to big data and analytics.

    My question is, Can we post our articles on Big Data – Hadoop on this website? If you Can you please guide how?


    • Kunal Jain says:


      We are always open to submissions from people in community. Infact, we encourage it.

      Have mailed you the guidelines for publishing article with us on your mail.


  • Boopathy Ram says:

    Hi Kunal / Tavish,
    Thanks for providing wonderful contents about Business Analytics.

    Recently, I heard about 6months full time residential certification program offered by SSN school of Advanced career Education. This program is offered in collaboration with IBM.


    SSN is one of the premier institutes in Chennai founded by Shiv Nadar (HCL Technologies).

    What is your opinion on this program?


    • Kunal Jain says:


      We have also come across this course recently. Although, we haven’t been able to come in touch with any one who has undergone this course yet. Shiv Nadar University has also started a 1 year full time course on business analytics.


  • Pooja Srivastava says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Was going through your website and found it very valuable.
    I have a question , I am a supply chain professional and have nearly 4 yrs of experience . I want to move into supply chain analytics.
    Please suggest me which course to opt for to move into supply analytics. I have worked with IBM but could get chance to work with analytics team. I am thinking about SAS.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      SAS is no doubt the best option you have currently. If you can undergo training with them and do some practise, there are a lot of jobs waiting for you!


  • Avni says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I’ll be completing my masters in economics from dse by next month. How necessary the knowledge of SAP or R is in order to get hired?

  • Nidhish Bhatia says:

    Hi Kunal sir,

    I have been reading through the website for a long time and have found it very much valuable.
    In one of your article(The lack of analytic work experience and how to overcome it?) you mentioned about interns.
    I am an undergrad and i am interested in gaining more in analytic skills.
    I have basic programming skills in c,c++ and a good hand in JAVA and SQL and have acquired basics of MS EXCEL
    Is there still a requirement of inter ?
    Even if there is a little scope for intern opening please contact me at my mail and so i could better explain myself to you.
    please reply, i will be highly grateful.

  • Rahul Vohra says:

    Hey Kunal,

    Good Job. I have one questions:

    I did Maths(H) from Delhi University Hindu College. Now I have been working as a Software Consultant since last 8 years and i was in one organization itself. Now I am moving to Aanalytics driven company, listed on your site also as Sr Consultant.
    I want to move into Data Science Background where I can see Maths / Stats getting merger with IT and I have all the background in Data bases only, OLPT, ETL, DW/BI. Now I want to move into Analytics.

    Also, I want to check if I can complete the ISB course in a year or so along with my job and probably I would be a manager lever person by that time. So Manager into Analytics, certified from ISB, having Maths/Stats as back ground too. How much would be the salary of such a person in two years from now

    Or if I want to work as Free Liance Consultant in this field then how can I approach the same.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      There are multiple questions here. I’ll try and answer them in parts:

      1. You can do the ISB course along with your job, as long as your Organization and Manager are fine with the schedule.

      2. Salary of a typical Analytics Manager (people manager) typically varies from 10L on the lower side to 20L on the higher side. You can probably add some bias on the higher side, given a certification from ISB.

      I would suggest to spend some time in industry before working as a Freelance consultant.


  • Karthik S says:

    Dear Kunal,

    Great Website on Analytics. I have got a lot of insight from your website.

    I have a total experience of around 11 years with 6 years in IT. Post that I started my own business in Retail Direct Sales which I ran for 4 years. The start-up didn’t work out and I joined a Retail IT Start-up Company as Product Development In-charge for last 1 years which is where I was introduced to the field of Analytics and want to move into the field.

    I have looking at pursuing a course in Analytics which will help in the same…but and am confused as to which one to take up and have gone through Coursera and Edx courses. But I feel going through a formal training would help my case. I am listing my questions below. Hope you can help :-

    1. Since my end goal is get a job in Analytics…I am confused between the courses at Jigsaw Academy and NIIT. The one at Jigsaw seems to my Tech focused with little or no application orientation while the one from NIIT is domain heavy with the tools and techniques being taught to support the domain knowledge.

    My question is should I chose the course which covers Analytic Techniques from a Domain perspective or one which is focused on teaching concepts without covering application in Industry? Which is better from a Job perspective ?

    2. Is it better to take up a SAS Certification from outside than to do just a course on SAS from one of the institutes? In case of SAS Certification should I focus on Base and Advanced SAS Certification or Should I be more focused on SAS – Miner and SAS – VA Certifications?

    3. Since I have had retail domain experience in the last 4 years but no formal degree in the same would it be better to take a course in Retail Management to add to my Analytics knowledge ?

    4. Is it Important to take up a Hadoop course if you want to get a job ? Is just knowing Map Reduce enough or should one get exposed other Hadoop areas like Sqoop, Oozie , Flume , Impala , Mahout etc

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Karthik S

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Here are your replies:

      1. Between Jigsaw and NIIT, you should go with Jigsaw. You can read reviews about NIIT in comments on this article.

      2. If you can afford certification from SAS institute, it might help. But it might be too much to spend for base SAS. A better strategy would be to take Jigsaw as starting course. Once completed, may be take a certification exam with SAS institute.

      3. I would classify it as good to do. It won’t fetch you a job on itself.

      4. No. You should start from a basic course. 90% of analytics jobs don’t require these skillsets.


  • sidhraj says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I once asked you about an institute in Gurgaon, that provides training in SAS, SPSS and business analytics. The institute was Analtix Lab. Today I came across a link about top 10 analytics institute in India. In that article the name of Analytix lab was given.
    But I doubt that list because there was no institute from iits or iims. Here is the link http://analyticsindiamag.com/top-8-analytics-training-institutes-in-india/

    Is this a genuine list?


    • Kunal Jain says:


      I can not comment on the list you provided as I don’t know how it has been prepared. We are coming up with a detailed review / listing of various analytics courses – please stay tuned for a few days!


  • sanjeeb says:

    HI Kunal,
    Though I have been working in ETL side but never able to go to business side as I don’t have knowledge in R or Sas. Currently I am learning R. I found your Blogs are very interesting and lot of data points also. This seems to me the best chance to learn from you guys. Please let me know ho can I touch base with you and learn some thing interesting.


  • Ramesh says:

    Hi Kunal / Tavish,

    I saw your website as well as your answers to various queries around analytics. Really great. After going through that, I developed a confidence that my queries will also be answered. Please take a look. This might benefit others as well.

    I have over 11 years of experience in IT – worked in the areas of Technical Writing, Manual and Automation Testing. Currently in automation testing.

    Prior to IT software, I was in IT Hardware Sales and Marketing and IT education field for over 12 years. From this you can guess my age. I am more than

    Before I complete by career, I would like to venture into Data Analytics. In this regard, I have the following questions.

    1. At this senior age, Is this the right approach to get into Data Science?

    2. Will get jobs given this age factor? If yes, will that affect my current CTC as I will anyways be new to analytics?

    3. When I google Big Data Analytics training, there are lot many options opening up. Bit confused as to what should I select given my education and background?

    4. If more and more people jump into analytics, there are chances that the field might get saturated very very soon. What is your take on this?



    • Kunal Jain says:


      Here are answers to your queries:

      1 & 2. You might find it difficult to get a job in analytics, specially something, which pays you as per your current compensation. You can check out this article for more details.

      3. As mentioned in the article, you should first try your hand at a few freely available trainings. You can also check out recently launched course from Jigsaw Academy.

      4. We are far from saturation. Most of the companies looking to hire people take about 6 months. Also, given the pace of change in technology and increase in data – I think we would not need to worry about saturation for atleast a decade – may be couple.


      • Ramesh says:

        Hi Kunal,

        Thanks for your quick response. You said,

        “You might find it difficult to get a job in analytics, specially something, which pays you as per your current

        1. I am working in a leading IT services company in testing. Is it okay to look for opportunities within the same
        company if possible in all aspects (moving to analytics from testing, ctc etc.)

        2. If you look at my current compensation, it is not that attractive and touching 7.3L . In one of the articles/report,
        I saw that few companies offer 7.5L for freshers and 9L for little experience people. With the kind of expertise in
        documentation and testing, I believe I can ask 8L or upwards. Is my view right?

        3. Also, after completing the course from an institute, I am planning to prepare a cover letter and start applying.
        I will accept the job that comes first and that fulfills both my analytics aspirations and compensation.

        Your views please….



        PS: I love data and jump into analytics to complete my career in Analytics

        • Kunal Jain says:


          In that case, you can look at similar compensation to start with. Be ready to put in hard work for atleast next 12 months before you can start seeing some benefits.


  • Naveen Mathew says:


    Please email me regarding your analytics training program in Delhi/NCR – schedule, venue and fee ([email protected])


    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Naveen,

      As of now, Analytics Vidhya is not offering Analytics training program. I suggest you to stay connected to our website for the upcoming Analytics training program. Once the training programme is scheduled, it will be updated on Analytics Vidhya website.


  • Anoop Gandhi says:

    Hi Kunal
    Gr8 stuff added by you. It is highly appreciable. I am very much impressed with the kind of content you both have added. I need some guidance from you, hopefully you will guide me.
    I have a sound business handling experience of 20 yrs in Retail(Gems And Jewelry), Insurance and Real estate.Just Now I have Completed My Certification in Business Analyticfrom NIIT & Ins-Analytics with Excellent Grade. I have an ability to understand a business need and can transform these challanges into business requirement. I have worked on various Assignment during course( Curriculum Criteria) on Time series, Linear regression,Multiple Regression and Logistic regression. Operational research , CHAID/CART, Decision tree, Neural Network etc…
    Done Projects on Time series, Logistic Regression in R and Pareto analysis in Excel
    Having Good theortical Knowledge of Excel, Advance Excel, C, C++, R, SQL etc… Can do web designing also.
    Currently since last 8 yrs was handling own business but due to some financial constraints and family problem, I am looking for a carrier in Analytic . My educational percentage till graduation was second division and third division but after that I did various courses in which I performed Very Good may be these are the course of my interest.I am a Hard Worker and Mature enough to perform any higher job also like from client meeting to concluding the deal. My problem is , I am not getting entry into Business Analytics field. Just i feel due to age factor & a long gap of 8yrs of business handling.Do guide me or help me if you can in getting job into business analytics field as I choosen this field just because I have a domain experience and a good Strong analytical and problem solving skills and a programming approach .

  • Sumit says:

    While I was browsing for how to be business analyst, this site is an eye opener. With your prominent and crisp replies to every question, this sector is fascinating me even more. Well I am a Mechanical Graduate and working as planning engineer in L&T Construction from past 1 year. But I am very much eager in jumping in this sector and I need a transition. I need to ask is whether being a mechanical engineer can i get a career in Business analytic? I am a consistent performer through out my graduation with CGPA of 8.91 from VIT, Vellore. Also, I have distinction in Mathematics throughout my career.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      You can very well transition into analytics. You should give yourself about 12 months to learn and come up to speed with the domain. BTW, this answer is from an Aerospace Engineer 🙂


  • haarika says:

    I have minGW c++ compiler installed and it is working.(if I try any c++ program from command prompt). I have installed R 3.1.1(windows 7 OS) . now how should I integrate R and c++ or how to use my Rcpp package?

    I wanted to try some examples from rcppexamples package, so,

    I copied all files from
    to C:\MinGW\include, but while compiling it is saying that “R.h” is not there.

    what should I do, please help

  • haarika says:

    I copied all files from C:\Program Files\R-3.1.1\library\Rcpp\include
    to C:\MinGW\include, but while compiling it is saying that “R.h” is not there.

    what should I do, please help

  • Girish says:

    Dear Kunal and Tavish,

    First of all let me congratulate you on such a lovely blog. I chanced upon it today itself and have been going through various articles for last 2 hours. I found this to be the most appropriate resource on Analytics. My son is studying his B.E. (Mechanical) and has interest in Analytics. We have already done some homework, going through various websites. He is keen to go to US after completing his B.E. to do a masters in Analytics. May be the likes of NCSU. The big question? Is it worthwhile to do MS in Analytics from US or is it good enough to do some suitable course in India?

    • Kunal Jain says:


      It completely depends on what he wants to do after the Masters. If he is open to work in the US and gain experience, a programme in the US might be more helpful. But, if he wants to take up a job in India, then those courses may not be directly helpful. They are typically not recognized in most of the work places (except may be a few analytics consultancies.)

      Hope this helps.


  • Manav Verma says:


    I would like to know that after B.E (Mechanical), can I move to analytic field? I am asking because my line is totally changed. I am working in KPO sector in Chennai and I am very much worried about future. Please can you give me in detailed description after reviewing my CV personally.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      It is definitely possible to switch the field. I am an Aerospace Engineer by education.

      I would not be able to review your CV personally because of the time constraints. If you have any specific queries regarding the shift, please feel free to shoot them here.


  • Rahul says:


    I have completed BE(Computer) and PGDM(Finance). I would like to know where do I fit in the analytics field. What can I learn and which course should I do?

  • vishal agarwal says:

    hi kunal,

    i have done my mechanical engineering (BE) . Currently i am working in kotak mahindra bank as relationship manager . i am very much interested in pursuing a carrier in analytic field .
    1. i want to ask whether i can do something specially in analytical field to enhance my employability . ?
    2. i was going through your article pertaining to how to enter analtical field, i saw the mention of banks as well .
    can you please put light on this, and how to go about it .?

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Yes, you can. It starts with learning more and more about the subject. Do you have any specific questions on application of analytics in banks?


  • nidhi says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have 6 years of experience in semi conductor industry and I have done weekend course for 2 and half years from IIM,Bangalore.I have also done certification course from an Institute and gained good knowledge of statistics,modelling and SAS. But I am not getting interview calls.I don’t have any relevant experience to Analytics. Should I include it in my resume or not?I have been putting many efforts but I am not getting calls.I have read your article about “changing to Analytics in late career…but I doubt if I am making a mistake.Please help me.What else should I do and how long will it take to get me a job.

    Thanks ,

    • Kunal Jain says:


      The sure shot way to get a break into data analytics is to practice more and more on data science problems. I wrote an article recently highlighting a bunch of resources, which might be helpful – have a look.

      With your experience, you can also start participating in knowledge competitions on Kaggle – use the learning from interactions with people on the forums and make yourself better.

      Hope that helps.


  • Alphin says:

    Hi kunal,

    Based on your suggestion and my affordability I have enrolled for the EPBA course offered by IIM-C. No statistical tools are taught there. Can you please suggest some courses which will complement the strong statistical knowledge that I can get through the EPBA course?

    • Kunal Jain says:


      This is a dis-appointment. I was expecting that to be covered as part of the course. In order to gain the maximum benefit – you can take up the courses currently offered from Udacity.com

      They cover stats from the scratch and give a very interactive introduction on the topic. What tools are being taught as part of this course? It would be great, if you can leave a review about the course here


      • Alphin says:

        Hi Kunal,

        Thanks for sharing that website info.. I guess it would be too early to comment on the course since Its just been two weekends through the class. Excelminer and SQL are taught as a part of this course. Can you please suggest the right platform to learn SAS and R.

  • Aditya says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I would like to join your excel training programe. How do i proceed for the same.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      You can register for the course from Internshala – vtc.internshala.com

      Let me know, in case you need any further help on this.


  • Zubair says:

    Hello sir,
    I have completed my MBA (Hr and Marketing) in 2012 and i have completed SAS (Base and Advance), should i learn any courses beside that, i hear that there is no openings for freshers on SAS. what should i do please suggest sir. thanks

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Learning data science is a continuous process and there are a lot of courses / material to study. You can start learning about Predictive modeling, Visual Analytics or Visual Statistics.

      At some point, it also makes sense to invest in learning an open source platform.


  • Sumangla Sharma says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Thanks for taking out time for answering people’s questions and helping them out.
    Litte background about me. I am based in Gurgaon and an Informatica Developer having 3 years of work experience. I am currently pursuing my MBA in Marketing from Welingkar, Mumbai. I want to pursue my career as Business Analyst/ consultant.
    Although I am little skeptical as to whether companies will consider my past work experience as relevant one while applying for a business analyst/consultant profile and I would get benefited on monetary front when it comes to deciding my compensation or I will be considered as MBA fresher. I am expecting around a 10-12 Lac pa salary.
    1) Shall I pursue my career in Analytics if I am giving equal importance to compensation as to profile.
    2) What technical skills(SAS/R/Hadoop) I should develop or courses(Visual/Marketing/Retail/Web/Pharma/Healthcare/Business Analytics) I should take up to have and edge in interviews. Also, I am not willing to spend not more than 10-15k on various courses/ certifications. Is there any course on analytics that AnalyticsVidhya offers?
    3) Hardly any companies are coming to campus for this particular Profile. So, which is the best job portal I can apply on and which companies I should target?

    Thanks, Sumangla

    • Kunal Jain says:


      1. You have no prior knowledge and experience in Analytics you almost need to start afresh. On the salary range, it may vary from company to company and the role you get. Typically a freshers in analytics can get anywhere between 3L – 12L.
      2. I would recommend learning SAS. You can look at our learning path in SAS. You can also learn from Jigsaw Academy, SAS Institute (for a fee) and also approach to free online trainings.
      As of now, Analytics Vidhya doesn’t offer any course, but it can provide the learning path for SAS.
      3. We are also running a job portal, a lot of Analytics jobs are posted here. Please continue to check our jobs portal for latest openings available. I would expect that you will have good job prospects from our job portal. You can also look at IIMjobs.


  • Amar says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am a BTECH with 7+ years of experience in IT . I have been working mostly in mainframes ( with DB2 as database). I am actually feeling stagnated because this technology is pretty old and it hasn’t evolved much from its start in the 1970’s. So the scope of improvement is pretty less.Data Analytics and Big Data caught my attention after going through an article online and it really is intriguing. Now my queries are pretty straightforward :

    1> Do you think people like me with not much knowledge or experience in Data Analytics would be able to manage technology change into Analytics after 7 years in the industry ?

    2> The prospects look promising for the future . However will it help me in moving into the consultant role and with a better package in India as well as in USA ? Does the certification programs in India get recognized in USA or Europe ?

    3> Recently I got an admission offer from Great Lakes for their EPBA program. It starts from next month and I am little concerned because I am not sure how this program will shape me for a long future in Analytics ? Can you evaluate this program vis a vis other programs like the one in ISB or IIM-B ?


    • Suchita says:

      Hi Kunal,

      I’m exactly in the same situation where you are..having 8 years of experience in lotus notes and not looking for a change in analytics.

      Did you join the course from Great Lakes?

    • Kunal Jain says:


      1. Making a career shift after a long experience can be a difficult experience. You can read this article for more details: “Planning a late career shift to Analytics/ Big data? Better be prepared”. Hence, I do not recommend making a shift if you have long experience. You will be considered as a fresher. If you are still convinced that you want to make a shift, you can go ahead and do it simultaneously.
      2.You are convinced to make a shift, Go ahead. Analytics will provide you good job opportunities in India as well as in the USA.
      3. ISB is one of the best course available in India as of now. Great lakes is also a good option to pursue in Analytics Program. For details you can read the article “ Top 5 Analytics Programs in India (2014 – 15)”.


  • Ajay Nahar says:

    Hi Kunal.. This is by chance that I came across your website. You are doing great by helping people. This is remarkable! My sincere appreciation for you and wish you every success! May God always bless you!

  • Chris says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am following your web site for the past 6 months and getting news letters, thanks for doing such a great job.

    I am 38 years old, started carrier as a hardware engineer and now I am working as a developer in qlikview,

    > In qlikview I have around 1.5 years of experience and learned through by books and web but I feel when I develop a report, I am not much pretty comfortable in development, the analysis skill is not expected much compare to other team mates, could you please suggest is that any other course or guidance to develop that skills to understand the requirements.

    Please advise…



  • Abhishek says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am interested in knowing the relevance/future value of PGPBA from Great Lakes Inst of Management. Analytics India magazine ranks it among the top 3 analytics courses in India currently.

    Also, how does it stand when compared with IIM’s such as IIM-Bangalore/Kolkata/Lucknow/Ranchi.

    Your opinion in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    • deepti says:

      Hi Abhishek

      Did you any of your answers ?

      I am also planning to apply for this course.

      IS this course worth doing ?

  • Manish says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have recently started following your blog and it is really helpful and informative. I wanted some suggestion from since you are in this analytics industry for long. I am working for an analytical firm for about 18 months and now I want to make a switch, but I have no idea what I should prepare to get a land in a good job which provides me a decent pay and post. Can you point out what should prepare and also where should I apply. I am planning to come 2 years and then start applying so that in next 3-6 months I can study whatever is required.
    I have a decent knowledge of SAS and Excel. Being from a CS background and working with Teradata for more than 6 months I can work with SQL too. Other than this I have a basic understanding of VBA too.

    Will be waiting for a positive reply..


    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Manish,

      Thanks for following us.

      It’s great Manish, if you have sound knowledge of SAS and Excel, also familiar with SQL, VBA. I would suggest applying your learning to a few datasets and participate in a few kaggle competitions for hands-on experience. There is a preference for people with hands-on experience in industry.

      You can also look at learning R or Python for data analysis. Our learning paths can help you. Please continue to check our jobs portal for latest openings available. Hope you will have good job prospects.


  • Abinash Adhikari says:

    Dear Kunal/Tavish,

    It’s a great effort to share analytics knowledge. Keep it up.

    Best Wishes and Regards

  • Kantam srikanth says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I have been visiting your website since 3 months ,its a wonderful platform to know and learn about the Analytic’s.

    I have a small question on choosing a carrier in this field.

    I have 3.3 Years of Experience in Process Excellence Group ,and i have a knowledge on Statistics and its applications and Operations Research .
    As of now am learning R myself to get start my carrier towardsAnalytics.

    Can you please suggest me how to proceed with the path towards carrier in Analytics.


    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Kantam,

      Thanks for following us.

      Having knowledge on Statistics will be an added advantage for you in Analytics. Once you are comfortable with R, apply your learning to a few data sets and and participate in a few Kaggle competitions to gain hands-on experience.
      You should look at our learning path on R for more resources.


  • Himanshu says:

    Hi Kunal/ Tavish,

    I want to learn advance excel . Is there any way from your site so that i can start from here itself?

    Warm Regards
    Himasnhu Lohia

  • srinath.parashara says:

    Very Impressive and informative..Thanks for the team for great effort to bring it to larger audience.

    Hoping for more posts on Analytics space. 🙂

  • Manav Verma says:


    I would like to know about the KPO analytic courses for Mechanical Engineer. Currently I am working in Chennai MNC SPi Global Technologies India Pvt Ltd as Deputy Manager and past experience as subject matter expert for USA textbooks.

    Please guide me if I could explore my career in Analytic field.


    Manav Verma

  • Sachin Kulkarni says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have been associated with Market research industry for the last 6.5 years (in the survey programming team – part of data collection).

    I now want to make a career in the field of Analytics, for this I firstly learnt SAS but the industry always required an experience in SAS. Can you please let me know how do I proceed in order to see my self working in the field of Analytics..? Appreciate your help here.


  • Vasu Bansal says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I am currently doing “Data Science Specialization” from Coursera and have completed their two courses “R programming” and “Data Scientist Tool box”. Also i am currently pursuing the next two courses “Getting and Cleaning data” and “Exploratory data analysis”. For improving my R skills i am also doing “HarvardX: PH525.1x Statistics and R for the Life Sciences” offered on edX. Also i have done a number of online python courses.

    I have set my goal to become a data scientist and i am constantly working towards it.

    Could you please guide me and tell me if am moving in the right direction and also what more should i do to become a a data scientist.


  • Ali says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Firstly Thanks for Setting up a platform like this.I have been Doing Research on Analytics job Prospectus for some time now .I am Commerce graduate and have a Post graduate Degree in Finance ,very much Comfortable with Excel’ basic Data manipulation Techniques with my 3+ years Experience in Finance domain.I have some background in statistics from 11 th and 12th and sound in mathematics too.After i Researched a Lot on your website i decided to take the Analytics Edge Course From edx.org,instead of Jigsaw’s Analytics with R Course.Prior to this i took Couple of R basic programming course which were Free from youtube.As Rightly Analyzed and Pointed out by You in ur analysis there is a gap in The analytics Edge course with respect to statistics and its application in business concepts.I have been able handle some complex derivation of Linear Regression etc but as the course is progressing all sources arent available online to back up.Its getting tougher!.I have no idea about jigsaw’s detailed course content , I Think 26K or 42K is not worth it just to Fill this gap – Even if they offer it.As The Free resources on R are n in number.I need some advice from you What should i do Fill this gap of inferring statistics in Analytics Edge Course.Also if am to take a decision to do analytics with R from jigsaw ,How Different is jigsaw apart from Statistics knowledge and Real Life case studies.Please Advice.
    And Is Analytics Vidhya planning to come up with any course?


  • Diana Ionescu says:

    Guys, you are doing literally an AWESOME job with your site.
    Thank you so much for all your articles full of information.
    Your site is actively helping me to become a data scientist.
    Thank you so much again, and hope soon i will be good enough to write an article on your site.(that is a goal :))


  • Mayank Sharma says:

    Hi Kunal and Team,

    One of my cousin had suggested your website sometime ago but its only since last week that I am going through your website regularly and have read few articles comparing R/SAS/Python and I really appreciate the guidance which you & your team provide to people like us.I can say it is one of the best ever platform that I have ever visited.

    I would really be grateful to you if you can take out some time and respond to my below queries.

    (i) I am an IT professional with 4 years of experience in User Identity & Access Management and Software Configuration Management based on the ITIL governance framework.I don’t have any relevant programming experience and had studied C, C++ and DS as minors in my engineering.

    Planning to move in the stream of big data analytics and hence have enquired with an analytics institute, ATI based in Bangalore(it was rated among the top 10 analytics training institute for 2013)
    The course offering is titled Analytics 360 & SAS whereby they are offering Excel,R(tool),SQL,Analytics(Basic),SAS Tool, Text-Analytics, Time-Series etc only on Saturdays(8hours) spread over a duration of anywhere between 4 to 6 months.

    They are charging 36k, classroom training with video access as well and they plan to include Hadoop as complimentary offering in the package in the near future.

    Do you have any experience about how good this course is?Is it worth investing 6 months time & money for a fresher like me?
    Is the course right starting point for me, what all are the other things that I need to take up along with

    I have done few courses on coursera like Data Scientist Toolbox, Machine Learning, Programming in R; I found ML to be interesting but I was not able to complete most of the courses due to enrollments in multiple courses and lack of time management.

    I have also done an online course in MongoDB and found it interesting as well, have some generic idea about Hadoop as well(but gave it up thinking excellant Java knowledge is required to move into Hadoop).

    Or can I learn SQL and move into Hadoop development?

    (ii) I want to switch into Big Data field with short term targets being Hadoop developer/analyst or Big Data Analytics with long term goal of becoming a Data Scientist.

    I know my queries may be sounding confusing as am mixing Hadoop and analytics, but just thought of bringing my little bit relevant knowledge of whatever I am aware of which helps you to better understand me and respond accordingly.

    The motive behind joining the course is that it can provide me a regular schedule, direction and a sense of purpose.

    (ii)How can I expect a job/internship in some analytics company after doing the ATI course and finishing Base SAS certifications & few online coursera/edx relevant courses.

    How much timeline should I keep to make a switch into analytics domain?

    (iii) Its been 4 years in my current company(started my career with them), should I look for switch into Change Management based on my experience and

    complete the course, build up my analytics skills in the next 4-6 months duration and then go for analytics job hunting?

    or should I mention my current experience, mention whatever I am learning in course(if I join) in my resume and target analytics job opportunity based on this?

    (iv) People scare me by saying relevant work experience is required to enter the field, but if we are not getting an opportunity to enter the field, how can I expect to have relevant work experience.

    Please please advice, hope I am not bugging you.I would really appreciate any guidance on this.

    I am planning to visit the ATI institute this weekend to meet some tech consultant over there and asking few queries regarding any specific pre-requisite, will you suggest me any specific question to ask them which can give me more clear picture of their course.

    I hope I have not bugged you with my very long query.


  • Vishnu says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I first thank you for sharing your valuable information to the people who wish to pursue their career in Analytics.

    I have an overall experience of 4+ yrs in SAS (Clinical domain). I have been reading or knowing somewhere about the Analytics, and the importance of it in the global market. Before taking up the course from any reputed institution, I think it would be better for me to put self-efforts in Analytics.

    Considering that, I see there are technologies like R, Python, Data Visualization, Machine Learning etc.. are more or less necessary for any one who likes to move into Analytics.

    Can you give me the best suggestion with which one to go ahead? I’m finding some related books on online, but not sure what books are good. Please suggest me some good learning books on Data Scientist. It would be very helpful to me.

    Looking forward to your answer.


  • puneet mehta says:

    Hi Kunal

    I have 6 years of experience in Sales in Automobile industry but now I want to move into Analytics domain. I have heard about Analytics course from ISB Hyderabad but still I am in doubt because being a mechanical engineer, I don’t know anything about IT.

    Can it be feasible for me to change my career path?
    Will I be getting a job easily by doing course from ISB?

    Plz suggest.


  • Sandeep Raut says:

    I am very much passionate about Big data Analytics & simplying the confusion around it. I have been writing on my own blog since 2011 and you can check it out on above link. Is there any way some of these articles can be published on your site as guest column ?

    I am available on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rautsan

    also check my linkedin profile at https://in.linkedin.com/in/rautsandeep

    Sandeep Raut

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for your interest. We don’t republish articles. Whatever we publish has to be original content.

      If you want to contribute a fresh article, we can always look at that.


  • Gowtham says:

    I am Gowtham, an engineering graduate (Work Exp :25 months as a Retail Business Associate with Amazon). I am passionate about pursuing my career in Sports Analytics. I do not have any leads or guidance in this regard. Can you please help me out? Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks for your time.


  • Cosmin says:

    Your site features a large amount of information explained very well. Thank you and keep it up.

  • Hassan says:

    Dear Kunal Sir,
    Good Day Sir!
    My Son Completed ICE 2013 Batch.Now He Is Working In INFOSYS As A Java Developer Selected From Campus Placement.Now He Want To Move Big Data Domain.He Is Good In Mathematics.He Scored 189 Out Of 200 In 10-Th Standard.Same Marks Scored In Plus Two Level.Which Course Better For Him.M.Tech Data Analytics Two Years Course Or One Year Course Business Analytics?Which College You Recommend For Him Sir?I Am Waiting For Your Favourite Reply For My Son Career Future Sir.

  • Shriraksha Pai says:

    Outstanding work on all your articles, as a Data Scientist I do get chance to refer most of your articles! Nice knowing you guys, thank you

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