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Our team


Kunal Jain, founder of Analytics Vidhya is an IIT Bombay graduate and has 10+ years of Global Business Analytics experience. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India.

In his last engagement before starting up, he had set up and scaled up a Business Analytics & Intelligence team in a multi-national Insurance company.

Always keen to learn the next technological disruption, he can have passionate discussions about gadgets, automobiles, technology and health (although the amount of discussions on health has no correlation with his own fitness!) at any time of the day.


Sunil Ray is Chief Content Officer of Analytics Vidhya. He brings years of experience of using data to solve business problems for several Insurance companies. Sunil has this knack of taking complex topics and then breaking them into easy and simple to understand concepts – a unique skill which comes in handy in his role at Analytics Vidhya.

Sunil also follows latest developments in AI & ML closely and is always up for having a discussion on impact of technology on years to come.


Simran Singh leads Strategic and Business partnerships for Analytics Vidhya. Simran brings in immense experience of working with large Enterprises and addressing their data needs. Before joining Analytics Vidhya, Simran had worked with large IT companies like IBM, SAS & SAP.

In his current role, he is responsible for the overall business development and building strategic partnerships at Analytics Vidhya.



Divya is a Master in Computer Applications (MCA) by education and an entrepreneur at heart. She has a deep passion for use of Technology to solve business problems. In her current role, Divya leads Operations, Finance, and HR for Analytics Vidhya.

Divya brings the experience of running, transforming, and scaling businesses for over more than a decade.



Anand is an entrepreneur, an engineer and a data science professional all rolled into one. He co-founded MudraCircle, the true lending marketplace leveraging machine learning to fulfill SME loans. Before MudraCircle, Anand has worked across several companies like Lendingkart, HTMedia as Head of Data Science, Tickled Media, Infoedge India and Opera Solutions. He brings experience across several domains including E-Commerce, Fashion and Retail.

Anand earned his B.Tech and M.Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur.