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If you are passionate about analytics and are interested in publishing your articles solely with us (we don’t publish duplicate content), please review the following guest author guidelines.

Kindly go through the guidelines mentioned below for publishing articles on Analytics Vidhya

  1. The content of the guest blog must fit in with the theme of Analytics Vidhya’s blog – which is to impart useful knowledge to the analytics and data science community
  2. The main purpose behind writing and publishing an article on Analytics Vidhya should be to add value to the audience. The audience should learn something new and the article should add value to their knowledge of analytics / data science. This unique feature could be something you have learnt over the years, a trick you might have discovered / invented, tips you have learnt through your experience or real-life application of analytics to solve business problems.
  3. The blog post is not an Advertorial. We do not charge guest authors nor accept payment from guest writers for publishing their blog posts. We therefore do not accept marketing collateral, customer testimonials or posts that visibly promote a product/service/company/individual.
  4. Articles submitted to Analytics Vidhya’s blog must be detailed and unique – duplicate content will not be published.
  5. All articles published on Analytics Vidhya’s blog are owned by Analytics Vidhya. If the author would like to republish their article that has already been posted on Analytics Vidhya, they may request Analytics Vidhya for permission to reprint elsewhere.
  6. Outgoing links – we permit the author to link to their profile on LinkedIn/Twitter handle or on their company’s website in the About the Author section at the end of the blog. We do not encourage outgoing links within the blog article unless it significantly benefits our community and their knowledge.
  7. We expect articles to be well written and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

 Analytics Vidhya exercises full editorial rights on all content published

Guidelines for writing an interesting blog

  • Remember the old saying “A picture speaks a thousand word”. Same applies to blogging. Visuals, charts and diagrams make your article more readable.
  • Any article published should have a direct call to action. How exactly can it benefit the reader? Theory is good, but practical is must.
  • The more specific your article is, the better it would be. For example, 5 tips to improve your predictive models is better than How to improve predictive models? is much better than basics of predictive modeling.
  • The tone of voice on Analytics Vidhya is polite, down to earth and informative. Please keep the same in your article.
  • Try and keep the article interactive. Invite comments at places, ask questions and take opinions wherever possible.


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