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MRFR predicts the global AI market will have grown to 25 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of 48%. If you want to succeed in marketing, start implementing AI tools now to keep your competitors from overtaking you in the future!


AI as a powerful marketing tool

Content Marketing


Content Marketing AI

Content is what keeps your customers coming back to your site again and again. AI certainly can’t take on all the responsibilities of a content marketer, but it can help you create optimized content, from blog articles to statistical reports. You’d be surprised, but the AI can create the kind of text that is hard to distinguish from that written by a copywriter.

If you don’t have time for in-depth content development, use AI for such purposes:

  • Research and planning. Trust the Market Muse software platform to process content: The AI will identify topics that are appropriate for promoting your site, and prepare the data a copywriter needs to write expert-level articles: topics, volume, and performance metrics that are important to adhere to. It will also compare your content with the ranking of texts posted on competing companies’ sites. The natural language generation mechanism converts the topic information into a text fragment without your intervention.

  • Writing. Neuro-Linguistic Generation, or NLG, can help you create a complete text. The Automated Insights platform will generate text for you by analyzing the relevant data beforehand. You won’t have to manually write 1,000 reports for clients – all you have to do is click a button to automatically generate them.

  • Promotion. The smart tool Inpowered automates the process of promoting the content of your choice on native advertising platforms. It will determine the appropriateness of placing promotions on certain platforms and, if necessary, make a decision to cancel them.

  • Curation. Searching for content won’t take so much time now – with you don’t need to read everything that’s suggested by a keyword, just study the material already summarized by AI algorithms.




Marketing AI Analytics

As an example of action-oriented analytics and validation, we can cite Netflix recommendations. The machine learning algorithm makes lists for each of the account holders of the best movies they are likely to be interested in. It analyzes not only the latest movies and shows you’ve watched but also the ones you opened a week/month/year ago and didn’t finish watching. The AI algorithms also automatically group users into different categories, which are then used to generate ratings.

AI is capable of analyzing large amounts of data, up to billions of records. This is the software patented by the British company DatalytyxHave, probably the most striking example of this approach in general use is the youtube algorithms, it is almost perfect to fit a selection of videos and music, although not without flaws, unfortunately. AI that draws a picture or writes music like professionals in his case, an example from the movie “I, Robot” is not yet available, but the world is moving by leaps and bounds.


Marketing Automation

If you’re tasked with sending hundreds of emails to a large number of customers, the smart email marketing automation method will work for you. However, this is not AI. Artificial Intelligence is a fundamentally different level of data handling.

For example, the IBM Watson platform is focused on marketing, and one of its areas is targeted email campaigns. The AI is responsible for learning data about each campaigner based on hundreds of sources about their lifestyle, location, and social behavior. And then it adapts communications according to the findings. It then re-evaluates the data and moves participants from category to category.

Conversational marketing

Chatbots are widely used in marketing to mimic conversations with customers. There are many tools available to create chatbots, but not all of them support AI. And robots that generate answers to any questions from website users on the fly are still a long way off. Most bots use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to understand natural language, and mood analysis to determine human emotions.

With chatbots, you can partially automate the sales process and improve the user experience by personalizing communication and processing requests quickly. And a tool like Liveperson will help you really assess the quality of service from the outside by analyzing customer conversations with the chatbot.

SEO-marketing, conversion rate improvement

AI does an excellent job of boosting content rankings in search engines through in-depth keyword research, personalizing ads, identifying topics for articles, and analyzing competitors.

When it comes to increasing conversions, it is also difficult to achieve high conversion rates manually. AI makes it easier to analyze landing pages and identify weaknesses on the site that need to be changed. One such smart project is Unbounce. It has already shown an average conversion rate increase of almost 20%, with one landing page above 100%.


Social media

Analytics Social media

Perhaps the simplest example of AI in social networks is the Facebook newsfeed. FB algorithms constantly monitor users’ actions: reciprocal subscriptions, rating posts, publishing content, and more. If you are subscribed to the publisher but do not participate in its life, do not interact with the posts, it is evaluated by the AI as a sign of lack of interest in the content of the page.


is suitable for attracting attention to publications on marketing channels – it selects words, phrases, emotions, images to achieve maximum engagement. According to

Narrative Science

, 80% of business executives say artificial intelligence improves their productivity levels. It’s time for you to check it out for yourself!

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