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Deeksha Rana 19 Sep, 2022
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Data Science is the emerging and essential domain of the current time, especially in India and  Analytics Vidhya is India’s largest Data science community. We guide Data science enthusiasts on how to enter and excel in this domain. With this goal in mind Analytics Vidhya has launched DataHour sessions. These sessions will not only help you upgrade your existing dataset but will also help you learn the practical applications of Data Science.

So Don’t wait; click and register for the  DataHour now!

Prerequisites for registering:

Enthusiasm and interest in Data Science.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Any student or professional looking for a way to enter this field.
  • Data Science professionals want to update and polish their domain knowledge and skills.

DataHour Session: AI & ML in the Automotive Industry

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the world at a huge pace, and their impact can be well observed in the automotive industry. In this DataHour, you will learn how AI/ML is used in the automotive industry to create self-driving cars, predict maintenance, and improve safety.


The speaker of this Datahour, Abhishek Raj Permani, who is currently designated as Machine Learning Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, is a Computer Science Graduate from IIT. He has experience working with Samsung Research and Development Institute, India as a Data science team member. He has now presented three data science papers at international conferences. He is also working as a mentor of more than 2000 students by providing Data Structure and Algorithm courses and various live sessions.

DataHour Session: Building Machine Learning Models in BigQuery

Building Machine Learning models is an efficient way of channelling an idea into practicality. Nowadays, for doing so, Google BigQuery is found to be one of the best supporters, providing various features.  In this Datahour, you will learn how Google Cloud BigQuery aids various features like regression, classification, forecasting, dimensionality reduction, collaborative filtering, hyperparameter tuning etc.



Through this Datahour, learn from Dan Sullivan. He is the Principal Data Architect at 4 Mile Analytics and the author of the official Google Cloud study guides for the Professional Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Associate Cloud Engineer with tremendous experience in data architecture, data science, machine learning, stream processing, and cloud architecture domain. He also helps the community by training software engineers.

DataHour Session: NLP aspects in Telecommunication Industry

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a methodology that studies how machines and languages interact by training the computer to understand human speech as it is spoken. This DataHour will explain how machine learning and deep learning help Interpret current data using NLP and how this NPL technology is changing the Telecommunication industry.



Learn with Sakshi Gujral. She is a GATE  and UGC-NET qualifier with almost 5 years of experience working as a Data Scientist with leading Industries like TCS Genpact. Currently working as a Data Scientist at Concentrix and simultaneously pursuing her PhD from IIIT- Delhi. She has successfully published five research papers in reputed Journals.

DataHour Session: Practical Time Series Analysis

Do you know that you can perform the dynamic analysis of Data in Nature? This is called Time series analysis, wherein you analyze the trend in the subject that changes over time. This DataHour session will cover all about time series predictions from the first level and demonstrate how various TSA algorithms are executed using Python.


Learn the analysis of Time series Data with Rahul Kumar. Rahul holds 7 + years of experience in the Data Science and analysis domain with the expertise in Machine Learning and NLP and is currently working with Oracle as a Data Scientist.


Stop thinking and start acting now to make a better future in the field of Data Science. Dive into this immense pool of knowledge and register now. For any doubts regarding the session or the topics, please reach us at [email protected], or clarify it directly with the speaker during the session. If you skip any part of the session, ‘The DataHour,’ you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or read the synopsis here.


If you’re having trouble enrolling or would like to conduct a session with us. Contact us at [email protected].

Deeksha Rana 19 Sep, 2022

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