Analytics Vidhya’s Top 10 Blogs on Computer Vision in 2022

Sanjana Rajpal 30 Dec, 2022
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 The year 2022 saw more than 4000 submissions from different authors on diverse topics ranging from machine learning, computer vision, data science, deep learning, and programming to NLP. While each article published at AV is nothing short of a brimming uproar of knowledge and valuable insights, some stood up the ladder to seal a position amongst the ‘Top 10 Blogs on Computer Vision Published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022.’

With writing articles, encouraging knowledge sharing amongst the data science community, and a zeal to become a one-stop destination for learning everything about data science, Analytics Vidhya has been at the helm of things. The year 2022 is drawing to an end, and it’s that time of the year when we dig up the blog archives to let you revisit the best of what we had in the entire year.

Computer vision is one of the many topics written on Analytics Vidhya. Our website has a bundle of informative blogs on data science, computer vision, machine learning, and more. For the unversed, computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers computers and other systems to gather and derive valuable insights from digital images, videos, and other imagery modes. Such information and insights then help the stakeholders make crucial decisions.

Let’s roll back into a year of blog archives and see which blogs managed to make it to the list of Top 10 Blogs on Computer Vision Published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022 based on maximum engagement, views, and impressions:

1. An Introduction to Synthetic Image Generation from Text Data 

Delving deep into the world of computer vision, author Suvojit Hore chose to write on ‘Synthetic Image Generation’ and delivered a masterpiece of an article that bagged the maximum views. Ranked at the top spot in the list of Top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022, the article offers a comprehensive understanding of synthetic image generation, a process of creating artificially generated images that look as realistic as real images.


The article further elaborates on the meaning of synthetic image generation, its impact on solving various machine learning problems, its benefits, disadvantages, types of architecture and models, examples of images generated by DALL-E, the process of importing and installing necessary libraries, neural network models, and more. If you’re aspiring to penetrate the realm of computer vision, this article is a must-read.

2. An Introduction to Creating Stylized Sketches of Faces using JojoGAN

Yet another brilliant write-up by author Suvojit Hore, this article on ‘Creating Stylized Sketches of Faces using JojoGAN’ secured its place at the second spot amongst the Top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022. This article is technically sound and well-written to offer a detailed understanding of JojoGAN in computer vision.

The article starts with an introduction to creating stylized sketches, the impact of one-shot face stylization, and JojoGAN architecture, and proceeds towards sharing some examples of JojoGAN, a deep dive into JojoGAN code, model files, pre-trained sketches, and generating results using JojoGAN. If you are inclined to create sketches and wish to explore the computer vision space in detail, this article should be on your top reads list.

3. Face Recognition System Using Python

Standing tall in the list of Top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022 is ‘Face Recognition System Using Python’ by author Abhishek Jaiswal. Abhishek is one of our top contributing guest authors and has multiple far-reaching articles to his credit on different niches and verticals.

This article covers a detailed introduction to face recognition systems, use cases, traditional recognition algorithms, deep learning for face recognition, steps involved in its installation, applications, and challenges while working on that. If the subject is intriguing and you have a knack for image analysis and Python, bookmark and read this article.

4. Object Detection Using Haar Cascade: OpenCV

This is yet another brilliant article on computer vision that made it to the top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022. Written and anchored by author Abhishek Jaiswal, the article offers an exhaustive understanding of object detection in computer vision space. The article brilliantly touches on the subject of object detection using Haar Cascades in OpenCV from an advanced professional’s perspective. For the unversed, haar cascades are an algorithm that helps detect objects in the image, irrespective of their scale in images and location.

object detection

The topic elaborates on several sections: haar cascades, pre-trained haar cascades, implementing haar cascades in OpenCV, hierarchical detection, real-time object detection, and limitations of haar cascades.

5. A Comprehensive Guide on Human Pose Estimation

Shedding great light on human pose estimation, author Mrinal Singh Walia shared his knowledge on the subject with the rest of the data science community in this amazing article. Ranking at number 5, the article is a sheer delight to read and a must for anyone wanting to penetrate the computer vision space or is already thriving in the industry and looking to expand their knowledge base.

The article thoughtfully covers everything in detail about human pose estimation, its significance, the key differences between 2D and 3D human pose estimation, its types and models, how it works, architecture model overview, codes, libraries, and the real-time application of human pose application in an impactful manner.

6. Facial Landmarks Detection Using Mediapipe Library

Author Aman Preet Gulati pulled together an amazing article on facial landmark detection using mediapipe library for all the computer vision enthusiasts out there. The article is a well-written spectacle for all those wanting to approach this subject in an impactful manner and yet not sound too scholarly or complicated.

The article offers a deep understanding in a simplistic manner and easy readability, keeping in mind its intended audience, beginners. You’d find an in-depth explanation of the real-world application of face mesh, steps involved in building facial landmarks detection application, performing face landmarks detection, assessing the result, and more. This is a must-read piece for anyone aspiring to make it big in deep learning.

7. Convolutional Neural Network: An Overview

Securing a safe spot amongst the list of top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022, the article offers a detailed understanding of convolutional neural networks, their significance, and the concept of convolution. Written and anchored by author Saily Shah, the article covers topics such as what is a convolutional neural network, why we need it, what is convolution, filters/kernels, dimensions of the convolved output, types of padding, filter size determinants, pooling, multiple filters, and sequence of CNN layers.

8. Introduction to Saliency Map in an Image with TensorFlow 2.x API

Coined by one of our top contributing authors Nazia Aslam, the article is a must-read in the list of top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022. Offering an extensive understanding from an advanced professional’s perspective, this article has everything you need to learn about saliency map in an image with TensorFlow.

tensorflow 2

The subjects discussed in detail in the article include an introduction to TensorFlow 2. x, saliency map, the process of computing saliency map with TensorFlow, different types of saliency maps, and their code.

9. How to Train a Custom Object Detection Model with YOLOv7?

Yet another outstanding submission on object detection in computer vision, this brilliant article by Parthiban Marimuthu, is a must-bookmark for all computer vision aspirants. The article offers an exhaustive understanding of tricky subjects in a beginner-friendly manner.

You’d find an interesting and easy explanation of complex topics such as YOLO, preparing the dataset, annotation, split dataset, creating a custom config file for training, and more.

10. Convolutional Neural Network

This informative and easy-to-read article by Shreya on Convolutional Neural Networks is a must-read for all computer vision aspirants and working professionals. The article cleverly approaches complex topics and helps beginners understand them efficaciously. The subjects covered in the article include understanding artificial neural networks, convolutional neural networks, the reason for preferring CNN over ANN, CNN architecture, and its implementation.


Computer vision is one such interesting space with a lot to offer if learned and harnessed correctly. We hope the above list of top 10 blogs on computer vision published on Analytics Vidhya in 2022 is a great help to you. Bookmark this list and keep coming back to the Analytics Vidhya blog section for the more and latest happening in the world of computer vision.

Enjoyed reading the article? Let us know how this article helped you. And don’t forget to tell us what you would like to read next.

Sanjana Rajpal 30 Dec, 2022

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