Data Science Blogathon 28th Edition

Sanjana Rajpal 09 Jan, 2023
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Hey, are you the data science geek who spends hours coding, learning a new language, or just exploring new avenues of data science? If all of these describe you, then this Blogathon announcement is for you!

Analytics Vidhya is back with its 28th Edition of blogathon, a place where you can share your knowledge about the untapped and hidden concepts of data science. And you not only just share but also learn from industry experts and fellow data science enthusiasts. This new year, Analytics Vidhya is back with its 28th edition of Blogathon from 8th January 2023 to 7th February 2023.

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The Analytics Vidhya Data Science Blogathon began with a simple goal: to bring together a large community of data science enthusiasts to share their knowledge with the world. With over 4500+ articles published on topics such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Lakes, Web 3, AWS, and Data Engineering by over 800 authors from around the world who are avid data science enthusiasts, students, professionals, and researchers. We are pleased to present the 28th edition of the Data Science Blogathon. Register Now by clicking here!

Your Key Takeaways from Blogathon

Apply What You’ve Learned: Be the master of your data science knowledge and transcribe it for the rest of the world to read. Learning and writing go hand in hand, and writing down your thoughts improves retention and serves as a reference for the future.

Improve Structured Thinking: A good data scientist can code. A great data scientist, on the other hand, knows exactly how to approach each problem with a structured thinking mindset and the ability to storyboard. Working closely on problem statements and developing the habit of writing down potential solutions gives you an advantage over every other coding master.

Build Your Resume: Writing blogs and publishing them is a great learning experience that increases your visibility among the massive crowd of data scientists. Analytics Vidhya’s Data Science Blogathon is the second largest of its kind in the world, and every article published is shareable on popular hiring websites and job boards like LinkedIn,, Shine, etc.

Make a Name for Yourself in the Analytics Vidhya Community: Gaining knowledge through blog writing is important, but the opportunity to network with industry leaders and like-minded individuals is priceless. With 2.5 million monthly users, including industry experts, Analytics Vidhya has a good chance of connecting you with potential employers for your dream job.

Cash Prizes are at stake! : Learning, networking, and recognition are all great, but we also have cash prizes for the best writers, as well as a new writing category and a surprise reward. Continue reading for more information on the rewards.

How to Participate in the Blogathon?

Participating in the Blogathon is a piece of cake. You only need to come here and click. This link will take you to a registration page where you can learn more about the enrollment process as well as the rules and regulations for submitting articles.

Topics to Choose From

Base price is offered if you choose writing from the below-mentioned topic. Choose the data science topic you want to write on and start jotting down!


Special Category: Data Engineering, Web 3.0, Blockchain, Interview Questions

For your reference, here are some of the suggested topics:


Guides- The Long-Form Writing

The guides are an excellent choice if you want to write about resources. These comprehensive write-ups in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering, and other fields should be at least 2500 words long. In addition, we will publish one guide for each topic.
Guide categories


  • The selection of guides will be based on the editor’s decision on comprehension and readability.
  • The articles should be based on codes and technicality. Listicles don’t form a part of guides.
  • For international payments, Paypal is used.
  • For Indian writers, Pan Card and other bank details are essential.

Become an AVCC

AVCC, or Analytics Vidhya Creators’ Club, is a group of dedicated and well-respected data scientists. To join this club, simply have three or more of your pieces published in a Blogathon/s.

Membership comes with numerous advantages. You can earn up to $1800/$24 for each published article and the opportunity to display your work to a community of over 3 million people. Go to the “Rewards” page above for additional information on the advantages of becoming AVCC.

All AVCC Members will have free access to our AWS course for 30 days beginning January 8th!

The Blogathon Prize List

Prizes Based on Views


  • The blogathon is from 8th January 2022 to 7th February 2023.
  • The last date of registration is 31st January.
  • The last date for submission and view count is 7th January 2023.

Prize for Winners

  • Views will decide the basis of the top 3 articles.
  • The editorial team will select the top 3 guides.

Blogathon Winner

iPad for the Win!

Every winner of the Blogathon will receive a brand new Apple iPad. One lucky winner will receive an iPad from the pool of all winners! This is something you must not overlook. Come and register right now!



Was this enough to get you pumped? If so, put your writing skills to use, get ready to impart knowledge, learn and win! The world’s largest Data Science Blogathon is here to help you improve your skills and gain the recognition you deserve. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].


Sanjana Rajpal 09 Jan, 2023

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