8 In-Demand Data Science Certifications for Career Advancement [2024]

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The job opportunities for data scientists will grow by 36% between 2021 and 2031, as suggested by BLS. It has become one of the most demanding job profiles of the current era. As recruiters hunt for professionals who are knowledgeable about data science, the average median pay for a proficient Data Scientist has soared to $100,910 annually. With a Data Science Course certifications, you stand a stronger chance to contest in the competitive world and help brands improve their administration of various services, customer experience, advertising campaigns, and business initiatives.

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What is Data Science?

Data science is a branch of applied mathematical and statistical analysis that generates important data from massive quantities of large datasets, commonly known as big data. It is also known as a data-driven scientific method. 

Data science uses techniques from various fields to collect data sets, analyze them, draw conclusions, and analyze the results to use in evaluation. It is a multidisciplinary study of mining, statistics, machine learning, analytics, and coding.

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Source: Berkeley.edu

Why Opt for Data Science Certifications?

 Data scientists are in high demand, but the talent pool is often highly competitive. Many people are doing everything they can to get certified in the data science discipline and set themselves apart from competitors since this would also be a successful career path to explore. Some of the benefits of data science courses are as follows:

  • Recognition: When businesses are looking to recruit a data scientist, applicants with a data science certification from a recognized online platform are always prioritized. Suppose a person can present that they have completed a professional data science certification program from a good institution. This is a sign of skilled training, practical knowledge, and excellent academic understanding.
  • Updated Knowledge: By enrolling in data science courses, you’ll be able to be updated with the most current trends in the industry. The course would allow an individual to grasp various new facts associated with how the field of data science is developing and gain insights about the latest innovations.
  • Skill Cultivation: A comprehensive data science certification online will educate the students about the relevant information and skills required to execute the job duties and complete the assigned tasks in a data science career, such as that of a data scientist.
  • Clarity of Concepts: A reputable online institution’s professional certification program helps every student gets individualized attention from every faculty, along with interactive doubt sessions, live classes, individually scored papers, and final projects.

What Will You Learn in Data Science Courses?

With data science courses from a well-known institution, an individual can effectively learn the following fundamental skills:

  • Data science includes basic technical skills such as data mining, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Certain management skills include communication, data analysis, and project management.
  • Essential mathematical skills, including statistics, ML, algorithms, and others
  • C, JAVA, Python, etc., types of programming languages are also incorporated when the course curriculum is designed.
Skills learned in a data science course - Data Science program
Source: Berkeley.edu

Top 8 Data Science Courses and Certifications 

Here are the top 8 Data Science Programs offered by Analytics Vidhya. There courses are designed keeping in mind the need of learning new data skills to stay relevant at your workplace.

#1.BlackBelt Plus

Analytics Vidhya designs the BlackBelt Program for those who want to become full-stack data scientists. The system is among the best data science courses. Some of the unique characteristics of this course are as follows:

  • Comprehensive course design with more than 500 hours of learning
  • Live one-on-one classes with the industry experts
  • More than 50 real-life related projects
  • Technical mentor sessions
  • Mock interviews with career acceleration teams
  • 100% placements
  • Personalized road maps for learning and professional development

Cost: ₹64,999
Explore our BlackBelt Plus Program here!

#2. Data Science Bootcamp 

This is one of the best data science boot camp online courses. It is created by experts for individuals who want to excel in data science. The course includes the following features which could help data enthusiasts to get their desired careers:

  • Well-designed course plan with flexible learning modules
  • Personalized one-on-one mentor sessions with the industry experts
  • Training for more than 12 tools
  • Multiple doubt sessions
  • Hands-on experience on more than 20 industry-level projects
  • Job guarantee in the leading organizations

Cost: ₹59,999
Explore our Data Science Bootcamp here!

#3. Applied Machine Learning – Beginner to Professional

True to its name, this online data science training course takes you on a complete journey and helps you advance from beginner to professional level. The course is ideal for all who plan to brush up on their fundamental concepts of ML. It is also one of the data science certifications best suited for learning the tools and techniques generally used in machine learning to strengthen businesses’ marketing campaigns, operations, etc. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • A detailed curriculum with about 577 lessons
  • 6 Hands-on industry-level projects
  • ML techniques such as K-means clustering and hierarchical clustering
  • Real-world applications of ML and data science
  • Lessons on techniques like Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and t-SNE
  • Elaborate discussions and sessions on ensemble Modeling techniques like Boosting, Kernel Tricks, Support Vector Machines (SVM), and Bagging
  • Training on tools like Keras, seaborn, Python, MLBox, etc.

Cost: ₹14,999
Explore our Applied Machine Learning – Beginner to Professional certification here!

#4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Using Python

Learn how to extract information from unstructured data through Natural Language Processing. This course entails the basics of Python, techniques like NLP using neural networks, TF-IDF, deep learning, and more. Some of the amazing features of this data science certification are as follows:

  • A practical and comprehensive course design
  • Expert live chat for an hour daily
  • Regular quizzes and assignments
  • Learn about industry-relevant techniques such as POS tagging, NER, RNNs, etc.
  • 190+ video lessons delivered by the industry experts
  • Perform interesting NLP projects using deep learning
  • Get the method on how to perform Parts-of-Speech tagging and Name Entity Recognition

Cost: ₹10,999
Explore our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Using Python certification here!

#5. Applied Computer Vision using Deep Learning

One of the perfect data science certification designed for people inclined to learn about computer vision, deep learning frameworks and techniques. Computer vision is a leading field of interest for individuals, businesses and leading companies. The features of this course include the following:

  • A well-designed coursework
  • Video lessons by computer vision professionals
  • Learn skills such as image localization, object detection, face and pose detection, and more
  • Classes on techniques, including architectures like RCNN, fast RCNN & deep learning models like SSD, Retinanet and more
  • Industry-level projects

Cost: ₹10,999
Explore our Applied Computer Vision using Deep Learning Course here!

#6.Fundamentals of Deep Learning

A basic data science certification course provides fundamental knowledge about deep learning concepts. The course is created in such a manner assuming that the students need more knowledge of Natural Language Processing, neural networks and deep learning. The features that create the course so elaborate are as follows:

  • The course includes more than 250 lessons which the industry experts create
  • The course includes tools and techniques like Convolution and Recurrent Neural Networks, advanced sequence models like LSTM and GRU
  • Learn how to use deep learning for image detection, text and voice data
  • The course includes training on the tools such as Keras, pandas, RegEx and more
  • 5 hands-on, real-life projects

Cost: ₹7,999
Explore our Fundamentals of Deep Learning program here!

#7. Introduction to Data Science (LPU)

The ideal course to start your journey in data science. This course incorporates the fundamentals of data science and industry-relevant techniques and tools. The course helps you build a strong data science foundation and prepare for a bright data science career. Some of the features of this data science course are as follows:

  • More than 60 hours of comprehensive lessons
  • A well-structured course including an introduction to the concepts of Python, statistics, data science and predictive models
  • Live chat interaction with an expert for an hour regularly
  • 5 real-life projects to give you knowledge about the industrial concept of data science
  • Easy-to-understand modules

Cost: ₹7,999
Explore our Introduction to Data Science certification here!

#8. Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning is a progressively growing field of study. There is a massive demand for skilled professionals in this industry. This data science certification course is perfect for candidates with little to no data science and machine learning knowledge. The method entails a curriculum from basics to advanced learning of the concepts of machine learning and data science, preparing one for a job in the industry. Some of the features and highlights of this course are as follows:

  • It includes more than 300 video lessons which the industry professionals have delivered
  • It covers training on tools like NumPy, pandas, SciPy, statsmodels and more
  • The course has more than 60 hours of comprehensive study material.
  • Get practical experience on 5 real-life related projects
  • Be a part of the live Q&A sessions with industry experts

Cost: ₹7,999
Explore our Introduction to Machine Learning program here!

Kickstart Your Data Science Career 

Data science is a comprehensive analysis of vast quantities of information. It entails deriving scientifically valid conclusions from raw, organized, and unstructured information that uses various tools, methods, and techniques. It is an interdisciplinary field that manipulates data using tools and strategies to discover something fresh and significant. Data Science has emerged as one of the leading career choices in recent years. Analytics Vidhya is the leading online platform that provides people with the best data science ceritifications. Begin your journey as a data scientist in your ideal company and fulfil your dreams with tremendous professional growth through our data science courses. Stay updated with everything happening int he world of Data with our Blogs!

avcontentteam 04 Mar, 2024

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