India’s Largest Data Science & AI Conference: DHS 2023 Announced

Yana Khare 03 May, 2023 • 3 min read
Data Hack Summit 2023 | AV Data Science and AI largest community

Analytics Vidhya, India’s largest data science community, has announced the highly anticipated return of its annual DataHack Summit (DHS) for 2023. DHS is India’s largest AI and Data Science conference which will occur in Bangalore from August 2nd to 5th. DHS is marking its comeback after a three-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expansive Schedule Featuring Hack-Sessions, AI Talks, and Workshops

The 2023 DataHack Summit promises an engaging experience for attendees, with a packed agenda that includes over 30 hack sessions, 70 AI talks, and eight hands-on workshops. The conference will cover various topics related to applied machine learning, AI for business, and much more.

Generative AI: A Key Attraction

Analytics Vidhya is the largest Data Science and AI community

One of the major attractions at DataHack Summit (DHS) 2023 will be the Generative AI session, where experts will demonstrate the process of building generative AI models live. This interactive and immersive experience will offer attendees a unique opportunity to witness cutting-edge AI technology in action.

Leadership Sessions by Industry Experts

The conference will also feature a series of leadership sessions led by experts in the field. These sessions will address various challenges leaders face in the modern world and provide insights into overcoming them. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge from experienced professionals, helping them navigate the ever-evolving data science landscape.

Data Hack Summit 2023 | The full experience includes

Networking Opportunities with Over 1200 Futurists

Analytics Vidhya refers to futurists as leaders shaping data science and machine learning trajectories. DataHack Summit (DHS) 2023 will host more than 1200 futurists, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with fellow AI enthusiasts, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

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Showcasing the Latest Breakthroughs and Inventions in AI

The award night and AI showcase at DataHack Summit (DHS) 2023 will serve as platforms for unveiling the latest breakthroughs and innovations in the AI landscape. Attendees can witness the cutting edge of technology and gain inspiration from groundbreaking advancements pushing artificial intelligence’s boundaries.

Data Hack Summit: A History of Success

DataHack Summit (DHS) is a prominent annual event in Bangalore, with the last conference in 2019. The Summit has consistently attracted top talent and industry leaders worldwide, making it an essential gathering for data science professionals.

Past Sponsors Include IBM, American Express, AWS, and Mahindra

Prominent industry leader companies have always backed the DataHack Summit. Previous sponsors include IBM, American Express, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Mahindra. Their support underscores the significance of this event within the data science community and the broader tech industry.

A Bright Future for Data Science in India

With the Summit’s return, India’s data science community can again unite, exchange ideas, and drive the field forward. The comprehensive agenda, featuring a wide range of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, will undoubtedly create an engaging and informative experience for all attendees.

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#HacktheFuture with Data Hack Summit 2023

As the data science and AI industries evolve rapidly, events like the DataHack Summit are crucial in fostering collaboration and innovation. We are bringing together experts, futurists, and enthusiasts from various sectors. DataHack Summit (DHS) 2023 promises to be a significant milestone in shaping the future of data science in India and beyond.

Yana Khare 03 May 2023

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