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Yana Khare 19 Apr, 2023
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There is a rise in the demand of prompt engineers with the coming of Google Bard, ChatGPT etc. | AI chatbot | Career Path

With the growing popularity of generative AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing Chat, the demand for professionals skilled in prompt writing and engineering is on the rise. This emerging field of AI technology has existed for some time but is now becoming mainstream, offering new career paths such as prompt engineering. Moreover, it also offers well-paying jobs and flexible work options.

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What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering is the process of designing and crafting prompts for AI chatbots and generative services. It involves interacting with AI systems like Google’s Bard or OpenAI’s ChatGPT, guiding them to respond in specific ways and avoiding undesirable responses, such as embarrassing statements or revealing trade secrets. Furthermore, this critical job has gained significance with the widespread availability of text-generating bots to the public.

Skills and Day-to-Day Life

A prompt engineer needs to have basic coding skills and a deep understanding of AI systems. According to Dataconomy, their day-to-day tasks may include testing the AI’s logical reasoning capabilities by asking it to “think step by step” or continuously tweaking a prompt to generate the best response.

For instance, Sam Goodside has shared his experiences on Twitter about working with AI systems to improve their responses. In one example, Sam Goodside asked a chatbot about the NFL team that won the Super Bowl in the year Justin Bieber was born. Through step-by-step logical deductions, he guided the chatbot from an incorrect answer to the correct one. Sam Goodside has also experimented with getting AI to go off-script, helping to constrain its behavior.

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The Growing Demand

Companies are increasingly hiring AI prompt engineers to build technologies and solutions around ChatGPT and other generative services. Remote work options and eligibility for candidates with just two years of experience are also available. Bloomberg reports that salaries for these roles can range from $175,000 to $335,000.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman highlighted the importance of prompt engineering

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman highlighted the importance of prompt engineering in a tweet. In his tweet, he stated, ” writing a great prompt for a chatbot persona is an amazingly high-leverage skill and an early example of programming in a little bit of natural language.”

The Future of Prompt Engineering

With the rise of AI chatbots in the market, the demand for prompt engineers is only going to increase. This new career path offers a lucrative opportunity for professionals interested in shaping the future of AI technology. The average salary of a prompt engineer is competitive. There is a high demand for these professionals in industries like customer service, healthcare, and finance.

Moreover, as AI technology continues to evolve, there will be a need for prompt engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and integrate them into chatbots. This career path offers a great opportunity for individuals who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology and be part of a dynamic and rapidly growing field.

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Our Say

The future prospect of prompt engineering is very exciting and major companies are looking for prompt engineers | Career Path

Prompt engineering is an exciting and growing career path in the AI industry. It offers well-paying jobs with the potential for remote work. As more companies adopt AI chatbots, the demand for prompt engineers will continue to rise. Additionally, professionals who possess the skills to work with generative AI systems and guide their responses can find a fulfilling career in this burgeoning field.

Yana Khare 19 Apr, 2023

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