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Atrij Dixit 29 Apr, 2023
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Welcome to the revolutionary DataHour sessions, where you can elevate your understanding of data-driven technologies, including Data Science, to the next level. Bid farewell to tedious sessions which put you to sleep as we introduce a refreshing approach to learning. Our sessions cover various topics, from evaluating your Machine Learning model to an overview of generative AI, all presented by top industry experts. We guarantee you’ll be engaged and captivated throughout.

In today’s data-tech industry, the demand for skilled professionals is ever-increasing. At DataHour, we equip you with practical insights and knowledge that will enable you to stand out in a competitive job market. Join the ranks of the coolest professionals in the industry with our program and transform into the data-tech superstar you’ve always dreamed of being.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Aspiring individuals looking to launch a career in the data-tech industry, including students and freshers.
  • Current professionals seeking to transition into the data-tech domain.
  • Data science professionals seeking to enhance their career growth and development.

In this blog, we will cover various topics essential for anyone starting out in the field of data science. We will begin with – How to Evaluate Your Machine Learning Model? and an Overview of Generative AI. Furthermore, we will provide insights into Geospatial Data Analysis and gain practical Hands-on with Convolutional Neural Networks.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a master of data-driven technologies. Sign up now and take the first step towards a brighter future!

DataHour: How to Evaluate Your Machine Learning Model?

To prevent any issues in the future and identify the model that produces the most precise forecasts, an individual or a method must assess and assign a score to each model during its development phase. It is crucial to keep in mind that the model will face unfamiliar data once it is put into operation. Familiarity with evaluation criteria can assist in selecting the appropriate model and identifying the crucial metric for a particular field.

đź“…Date: 4th May 2023

⌚Time: 08:30 PM IST

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In this DataHour, Juhi will explain why and how you can evaluate your machine learning model. Furthermore, it will simplify communication with your client and enhance your understanding of the different Machine Learning methods. It also aids in the clear comprehension of a problem statement, which facilitates the implementation of the most effective machine-learning solution. This measures the model’s quality to determine whether the resulting model is unbiased or universal.

DataHour sessions related to Data science

DataHour: An Overview of Generative AI

This DataHour session aims to inform attendees about Generative AI, a powerful tool to create new content based on existing data. Abhishek, an expert in this field, will give an in-depth overview of Generative AI models, explaining their function and significance in today’s technology industry.

One of the most well-known applications of Generative AI is ChatGPT, which generates original content using existing data. Additionally, Abhishek will offer a practical demonstration of how pre-trained GAN models can be utilized to generate new images, demonstrating the enormous potential of Generative AI in real-world applications.

đź“…Date: 5th May 2023

⌚Time: 07:00 PM IST

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Overall, this session promises to be an incredibly enriching experience for all attendees, providing them with a solid foundation in Generative AI and its applications. With its informative and enjoyable content, attendees are sure to leave feeling inspired and eager to explore the incredible possibilities offered by this exciting technology.

DataHour sessions related to Data science

DataHour: Geospatial Data Analysis

In this session, we will dive deep into the powerful Python library, GeoPandas, developed as an extension to the widely-used Pandas data analysis library. GeoPandas offers a user-friendly and effective interface for managing geospatial data in Python, a vital resource for analyzing such data. This library enables us to effortlessly read and write popular geospatial data formats, such as Shapefiles and GeoJSON, and execute a variety of geospatial data operations using the familiar syntax of Pandas.

đź“…Date: 9th May 2023

⌚Time: 08:30 PM IST

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Whether you’re a seasoned data analyst or just starting out, GeoPandas offers comprehensive tools for exploring and visualizing geospatial data. So join us as we delve into the world of geospatial data analysis with GeoPandas, and discover how you can unlock the power of geospatial data in Python.


DataHour: From Pixels to Insights- Practical Hands-on with Convolutional Neural Networks

Are you interested in learning about Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and how they can help you solve image classification problems in Data Science? Join us for a 1.5-hour practical hands-on session to explore why we need CNNs over standard Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and learn about the differences between CNNs and ANNs for image classification tasks.

We’ll dive deep into the components of CNNs, including convolutional layers and pooling layers, and demonstrate how they work in an end-to-end image classification project using TensorFlow/Keras. You’ll gain practical experience building and training your own CNN and learn how to apply it to real-world problems.

đź“…Date: 10th May 2023

⌚Time: 07:00 PM IST

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In addition to this, we’ll also discuss some state-of-the-art CNN architectures for solving large-scale object detection, object tracking, and image classification problems.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a solid understanding of how CNNs work and how they can be applied to solve real-world problems. So, come and join us on this exciting journey, and take your first step towards understanding how to turn pixels into insights!

DataHour sessions related to Data science


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Atrij Dixit 29 Apr, 2023

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