Transform Your Images with Adobe Illustrator’s ‘Generative Recolor’ AI

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 21 Jun, 2023 • 3 min read

Adobe, the renowned design software company, has made an announcement that will empower designers and marketers. They have introduced a cutting-edge AI feature called “Generative Recolor” for Adobe Illustrator, enabling users to transform the colors, themes, and fonts of graphics with the help of text prompts. This development represents Adobe’s commitment to integrating generative AI capabilities into their flagship design products, revolutionizing the creative process.

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Adobe Illustrator launches their latest AI tool, 'Generative Recolor,' that helps to design and transform colors and themes in an image.

Enhancing Design Efficiency with Generative Recolor

With Generative Recolor, designers can now effortlessly refresh the colors & fonts of their designs on Adobe Illustrator, saving valuable time. Utilizing descriptive prompts such as “peaceful pastels,” “neon pop,” or “fall foliage,” users can generate unique variations of an image. It can also be used to create color palettes tailored to seasonal marketing and advertising campaigns. Leveraging the power of Adobe’s Firefly AI, Generative Recolor generates renders of a scene or theme based on textual prompts. It extracts color palettes from the resulting image and seamlessly applies them to the user’s graphic, thereby recoloring it according to the desired mood or theme.

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Adobe Illustrator's Generative Recolor AI tool can design and transform colors and themes in an image.

Expanding Generative AI Capabilities

Adobe’s foray into generative AI has seen remarkable success, with users creating nearly 200 million images using Adobe’s text-to-image AI tool since its launch in March. Responding to the growing interest from consumers, Adobe has revealed its plans to bring generative AI capabilities to enterprises, further revolutionizing the design landscape. However, concerns have been raised by artists and Adobe stock contributors regarding the use of their work to train Adobe’s generative AI model without explicit permission, as well as the lack of transparency surrounding the utilization of public domain images.

Fueling Innovation and Ensuring Compliance

Adobe has emphasized its commitment to legal compliance and transparency to address these concerns. While Firefly, Adobe’s domestic AI model, is trained on public domain images from Creative Commons, Wikimedia, Flickr Commons, and Adobe Stock, the company has assured users that it will compensate enterprise customers for any legal expenses related to copyright infringement claims. Additionally, Adobe continues to invest in improving the quality of its AI model, Firefly, with hundreds of researchers dedicated to enhancing image generation quality, resolution, and detail. Adobe is also developing video and 3D generation models, expanding its data catalog by incorporating data from Adobe Stock.

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Adobe Illustrator has recently launched Firefly, Generative Recolor, and many other generative AI tools.

Embracing Creativity in the Age of AI

Adobe firmly believes that artificial intelligence will not replace creatives but will empower them to explore new horizons. As AI-equipped creatives become common, designers will find themselves in a competitive landscape that embraces the potential of AI-generated content. By leveraging AI capabilities, designers can streamline their workflows and unlock new levels of creativity.

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Our Say

Adobe’s introduction of the “Generative Recolor” AI feature for Adobe Illustrator marks a significant milestone in the design industry. With this powerful tool, designers & marketers can harness the potential of generative AI to transform their creations and enhance efficiency. Adobe’s ongoing commitment to compliance, transparency, and innovation ensures a bright future where artificial intelligence and human creativity coexist harmoniously.

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