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Workshops at DataHack Summit 2023 offer a unique and invaluable opportunity for individuals in the field of data science and AI. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, attending these workshops can greatly enhance your skills and knowledge in this rapidly evolving field. Get ready to dive deep into the world of data! Our workshops at the event are not your ordinary crash courses. You’ll spend thrilling hours with an industry expert, tackling a real dataset. It’s hands-on learning at its finest! Our workshops are tailored to cater to a wide range of audiences. Whether you’re a beginner eager to jumpstart your data journey or an intermediate explorer looking to level up your skills, or even an advanced data enthusiast seeking new frontiers, we’ve got workshops just for you. Let’s embark on this learning adventure together!

Why Should You Attend These Workshops?

  • The workshops are conducted by industry experts and thought leaders who possess extensive practical experience in the field. Their insights and expertise can provide valuable guidance and mentorship, helping you stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.
  • The workshops are designed to be hands-on and immersive, allowing participants to actively engage with the material and gain practical experience. Through real-life case studies, participants can witness the application of concepts and techniques in solving complex problems, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • Additionally, the workshops provide a platform for networking and collaboration. You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas, and establish valuable connections within the data science community.
  • Furthermore, attending DataHack Summit Workshops can boost your professional profile and career prospects. The skills and knowledge acquired during the workshops are highly sought after by employers, making you a desirable candidate in the job market.

Workshop 1: Natural Language Processing Using Generative Models

Step into the captivating world of Natural Language Processing (NLP), where cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence strive to bridge the divide between humans and machines. In this transformative session, we embark on an immersive journey through the realms of NLP, unveiling the game-changing impact of generative models. Brace yourself for an exploration of innovation as we delve into the awe-inspiring capabilities of generative models, revolutionizing the way we approach NLP tasks.

Workshop Highlights:

Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI

Module 2: LM Fundamentals

Module 3: Diving into ChatGPT

Module 4: Mastering the Pretraining and Fine Tuning of LLMs

Module 5: Master LLMs Part-2

Module 6: Next Frontier

  • In this immersive workshop, we embark on a journey through the exciting world of Generative AI. Starting with an introduction to its history and significance, we delve into the foundations of Generative AI models, particularly in Natural Language Processing (NLP). 
  • Exploring various types of Language Models (LLMs) and their applications in downstream tasks, we then shift our focus to Transformers and Attention Mechanisms, unraveling their inner workings. Next, we master the techniques of pretraining and fine-tuning LLMs, including best practices and domain-specific training. 
  • Diving into the realm of ChatGPT, we understand its functionality and learn about key components like pretraining, SFT, RLHF, and prompt engineering. Finally, we engage in hands-on exercises using cutting-edge tools like AutoGPT, Vector DBs, and LangChain, solidifying our understanding and honing our skills. 

Get ready to unlock the true potential of Generative AI in this comprehensive and practical workshop.

About the Speaker: Meet Raghav Bali, an exceptional Data Scientist at Delivery Hero, revolutionizing the world of food delivery. With a decade of expertise in ML, DL, NLP, and Recommendation Engines, Raghav’s research and development have yielded enterprise-level solutions. A prolific author, mentor, and public speaker, his contributions extend to peer-reviewed papers and patented inventions.

About the Speaker: Introducing Amar Lalwani, a dynamic speaker and co-founder of a stealth startup. With an impressive 6.5-year tenure as the head of AI and Research at eDreams, a leading edtech startup, Amar’s contributions to the development of funtoot, a personalized Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), have been remarkable. His expertise in Artificial Intelligence and ITS is evident through his publication of numerous papers at esteemed conferences. Amar’s exceptional achievements also include the successful acquisition and merger of funtoot with embibe, solidifying his leadership in the field.

Workshop Level: Advanced

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

Workshop 2: Mastering LLMs: Training, Fine-tuning, and Best Practices

Are you ready to level up your AI game? Introducing “Mastering LLMs: Training, Fine-tuning, and Best Practices” workshop, your ultimate ticket to becoming an LLM pro! Join us for an immersive experience where we’ll dive deep into the world of Language Model Pre-training and demonstrate how to train, fine-tune, and optimize LLMs like never before. Gain invaluable insights, learn cutting-edge techniques, and discover industry best practices that will take your professional portfolio to new heights. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity to become a master in LLMs. See you at the workshop!

Workshop Highlights:

Module 0: Introduction to LLMs

Module 1: Understand the current state of the art of LLMs

Module 2: Training LLMs and their Best Practices

Module 3: Finetuning LLMs

Module 4: Parameter Efficient Fine Tuning

Module 5: AutoGPT, LangChain, Vector DBs

About the Speaker: Stay tuned for the exciting announcement of the esteemed speaker for this session!

Workshop Level: Advanced

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

Workshop 3: Applied Machine Learning with Generative AI

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of machine learning and unlock its untapped potential. Join us for an immersive workshop that will ignite your passion for solving complex business problems using cutting-edge techniques. Led by industry experts, this meticulously crafted experience will immerse you in captivating real-life case studies, revealing the remarkable impact of machine learning in driving success. 

Over the course of 8 hours, we will unveil the secrets of the machine learning pipeline, guiding you through vital modules such as data cleaning, feature engineering, and model building. Witness the art of transforming business challenges into machine-learning opportunities as we equip you with the skills to build, select, and evaluate powerful models. Get ready to reshape your approach and unleash the full power of machine learning!

Workshop Highlights:

Module 0: Introduction

Module 1: EDA and Linear Models

Module 2: Prompt Engineering

Module 3: Model Evaluation

Module 4: Tree-based Models

Module 5: Model Selection

About the Speaker: Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable Eshan Tiwari, a true powerhouse in the field of data science. With an impressive track record and over 11 years of experience, Eshan has made a significant impact at Google, Facebook, Upgrad, Relevel, ZS Associates, and SGS. His expertise in experimentation, applied machine learning, and exceptional management skills have propelled him to the forefront of the industry. Prepare to be amazed by his deep industry knowledge and passion for driving innovation through data-driven decision-making. Eshan Tiwari is a force to be reckoned with in the world of data science.

Workshop Level: Beginner

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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Workshop 4: AI for Business Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer that holds incredible potential to transform industries and create substantial economic value. Giants like Google, Amazon, and Tesla have already witnessed remarkable growth, and McKinsey predicts that AI could contribute trillions to the global economy by 2030. However, navigating the complexities and rapid advancements of AI can be daunting. 

That’s where this workshop comes in. We’re here to demystify AI, providing practical guidance on aligning your vision, crafting a cohesive strategy, and identifying AI initiatives that drive growth. Beyond isolated digital visions, we’ll show you how to effectively harness AI across your organization. By the end, you’ll be equipped to leverage diverse AI technologies, including the disruptive power of Generative AI, to propel your business forward. Discover how to build and scale a robust AI team and position your organization at the forefront of the AI revolution. Get ready to unlock the true potential of AI and achieve unprecedented success.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding AI and its Business Applications
  2. Developing a Strategic AI Roadmap
  3. Building and Scaling an AI Team
  4. Deep Dive into Generative AI, NLP, and Computer Vision

About the Speaker: Introducing Dr. Ullas Nambiar, the Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence at Accenture. With over 22 years of experience in leading R&D teams, Ullas is a renowned researcher in AI and Knowledge Management. He specializes in delivering technology-led innovations and sustainable solutions for diverse markets. Previously, Ullas held key positions such as Chief Technology Officer at Zensar Technologies, AVP – Data Science at Myntra, and Scientist & Head – Analytics at EMC. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Arizona State University and has published over 50 research papers, chaired AI workshops, and holds 10 patents. Ullas is an esteemed ACM Senior Member and Distinguished Speaker.

Workshop Level: Beginner

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

AI for business leaders | Workshop
Source: CompTIA

Workshop 5: Mastering MLOps – The Art of Productionalizing ML Models

Immerse yourself into an 8-hour journey of dynamic world of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). Discover the intricacies of MLOps architecture and unlock the secrets to successful implementation. Experience the real-world applications of MLOps through engaging hands-on exercises featuring Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision models. Gain practical knowledge in deploying MLOps with these cutting-edge data models, maximizing your productivity. Equip yourself with an MLOps toolkit, platform selection expertise, and industry best practices. Prepare to shatter MLOps myths and gain a comprehensive understanding of this vital field. Join us and embark on a transformative session that will empower you on your MLOps journey.

Workshop Highlights:

Module 1: Succinct Prelude to MLOps

Module 2: The MLOps Sackmesser

Module 3: MLOps and Real World Scenarios

Module 4: MLOps Governance

Module 5: From Here to Where

workshop at datahack summit 2023

About the Speaker: Introducing our esteemed speaker, Anmol Krishnan Sachdeva, a seasoned Hybrid Cloud Architect at Google, who will be sharing his expertise on “The Art of Productionizing Machine Learning Models.” With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Anmol has mastered the art of effectively deploying and scaling machine learning models in real-world production environments.

In this insightful session, Anmol will dive deep into the intricacies of productionizing machine learning models, unraveling the challenges faced and the best practices employed to ensure seamless integration into existing systems. Drawing from his rich industry experience, he will discuss the crucial aspects of model deployment, monitoring, and scalability, providing invaluable insights on how to optimize performance and achieve business objectives.

Workshop Level: Intermediate

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

Workshop 6: Build Scalable Machine Learning Models

In the era of big data, mastering the art of scalable machine learning is essential. With data volumes reaching unprecedented levels, traditional approaches no longer suffice. Enter Apache Spark – the game-changer. This workshop immerses you in the world of Spark ML, leveraging the unparalleled power of distributed computing. 

Brace yourself for a hands-on journey, where you’ll learn to build and test machine learning models at an unprecedented scale. Discover the secrets of conquering big data challenges, from data preparation to feature engineering and model selection. Get ready to unleash the true potential of your data with Apache Spark and revolutionize the way you approach machine learning. The future belongs to those who can tame the data deluge – join us and become a Spark ML champion!

Workshop Highlights:

Module 0: Introduction to Spark

Module 1: Getting Familiar with Spark

Module 2: Brushing up ML

Module 3: Spark ML

Module 4: Building ML Pipelines

About the Speaker: Durga Gadiraju, a Technology Adviser and Evangelist of Data Engineering on Cloud, is a recognized leader in building highly scalable and mission-critical data-driven applications. With 16+ years of enterprise experience, he has mastered technologies like Oracle, Hadoop, Spark, and more. As the Director and Founder of ITVersity and Co-founder and CTO of Analytiqs, he brings expertise in training, staffing, and data engineering services leveraging cloud platforms. Durga’s proficiency in AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks enables him to construct data warehouses and data lakehouses, while his exceptional troubleshooting skills and commitment to mentoring set him apart.

Workshop Level: Intermediate

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

Workshop 7: Exploring Generative AI with Diffusion Models

Have you ever come across groundbreaking technologies like MidJourney and Stable Diffusion in your professional or personal work? These incredible innovations have taken the world by storm and have become an integral part of our lives. You might be curious about how they work and what makes them so effective. Well, the secret lies in the power of Diffusion Models. These models have emerged as the backbone of modern computer vision, revolutionizing the way machines perceive and process information. From the game-changing Dalle 2 to the remarkable Midjourney, Diffusion Models have ushered in a new era of understanding. But what exactly are Diffusion Models, and how do they operate? Fear not! You’ve come to the right place. 

Welcome to the workshop on Diffusion Models, where we’ll unravel the mysteries and dive into their fascinating world!

Workshop Highlights:

Module 0: Embark on an Exciting Journey with Generative AI

Module 1: Laying the Foundation with Powerful Models

Module 2: Unleashing the Creative Power of Autoencoders and GANs

Module 3: The Thrilling World of Diffusion Models

Module 4: Stable Diffusion – Bridging Text and Image

Module 5: Unveiling the Marvels of MidJourney, Dalle 2, and Gen 2

About the Speaker: Sandeep Singh is a true leader in the realm of applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision, especially within Silicon Valley’s geospatial industry. He is at the forefront of pioneering technologies that capture, analyze, and understand satellite imagery, visual data, and geolocation information. With an in-depth understanding of computer vision algorithms, machine learning mechanisms, image processing techniques, and applied ethics, Sandeep conceptualizes and brings to life cutting-edge solutions. These solutions empower mapping and navigation systems to accurately interpret geographical features, revolutionizing the logistics and geospatial sectors. His impressive portfolio includes intricate image recognition systems, three-dimensional geospatial models, and optimized visual data processing pipelines for various applications like autonomous bots, telecommunications, autonomous vehicular systems, and diverse mapping tools.

Workshop Level: Advanced

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

Workshop 8: Solving Real World Problems Using Reinforcement Learning

Step into the world of revolutionary AI with the power of Reinforcement Learning (RL). Discover how ChatGPT, a cutting-edge generative model, harnesses RL to align with human preferences and solve real-world challenges. In this comprehensive workshop, you’ll embark on a journey from the basics to advanced RL concepts, including Proximal Policy Optimization and RL from Human Feedback (RLHF). Gain practical knowledge on applying RL to real-world problems, exploring popular algorithms and training methods. Uncover the intricacies of RLHF and its significance in Large Language Models. 

Whether you’re an AI practitioner or just starting out, this workshop equips you with the tools and insights to revolutionize your problem-solving approach. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your understanding of Reinforcement Learning and its immense potential. Join us and unlock the key to solving real-world challenges with AI.

Workshop Highlights:

Module 1: Mathematical Prerequisites for Reinforcement Learning

Module 2: Simple Reinforcement Learning

Module 3: Reinforcement Learning with Function Approximation

Module 4: RLHF for LLMs

About the Speaker: We are honored to introduce Jayakumar Subramanian, a distinguished Senior Research Scientist in the Media and Data Science Research team at Adobe India. With an impressive background spanning investment banking, management consulting, and aerospace engineering, Jayakumar brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His research interests encompass the fascinating domains of reinforcement learning, agent-based modeling, systems theory, and game theory. Armed with a Ph.D. from McGill University, Canada, focusing on the intricate realm of reinforcement learning in partially observed and multi-agent systems, Jayakumar’s contributions have been highly influential. Join us as we delve into his captivating insights and profound knowledge, offering a unique perspective on the forefront of research and innovation.

Workshop Level: Advanced

Timings:  9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Find more info on this workshop here.

Takeaway from Workshops

DataHack Summit Workshops offer a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, providing the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to excel in the field of data science and AI. Whether you are looking to upskill, advance your career, or stay updated with the latest industry trends, these workshops are a must-attend for anyone passionate about data science and AI.

We can’t wait to see you at the DataHack Summit 2023. It’s going to be an event to remember. See you there!

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