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It is imperative to stay up to date on the most recent information and skills connected to generative AI as the demand for skilled employees rises. Here is the top comprehensive selection of courses that cater to beginner-level participants and experienced practitioners seeking to explore artistic possibilities and practical applications of AI technology. The article will equip you with the vision to choose from the top 5 list of Generative AI courses to help you create, innovate, and oversee what lies forth. 

Why Opt for Generative AI Courses? 

Choosing courses in Generative AI can offer numerous gifts to those inquisitive about AI and its applications. There is a huge spectrum of applications that Generative AI has in store. Generative AI deals with creating models that have the ability to generate content. Here is a quick mention of some of the many reasons why you might opt for generative AI courses:

  • Career opportunities
  • Diverse applications
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding complex models
  • Academic and research pursuits of
  • Personal projects
  • Collaboration with experts
  • Ethical considerations

7 Best Generative AI Courses 

Here are the top Generative AI courses that can help you build your career in the field:

GenAI Pinnacle Program

Generative AI Pinnacle Program

Analytics Vidhya’s GenAI Pinnacle Program is designed to shape Generative AI experts and Large Language Models (LLMs) specialists. This comprehensive program offers 200+ hours of immersive learning, covering 26+ cutting-edge tools and involving hands-on experience with 10+ real-world projects. Benefit from personalized 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, tailored success roadmaps, and a curriculum spanning Large Language Models, Stable Diffusion Models, Reinforcement Learning, and more.

Generative AI Learning Path

Generative AI course learning path

This learning course is managed by Google Cloud. The course consists of ten activities featuring a curated collection of content on generative AI products and technologies. The program covers the fundamentals of Large Language Models and the creation and deployment of generative AI solutions.

Large Language Models: Application through Production

This course is managed by Databricks, a company that provides online course management services for various organizations. Developers, data scientists, and engineers can build LLM-centric applications using the most popular frameworks. The learner is going to have created a complete, production-ready LLM workflow at the end of this course. 

LLM: Application through Production | Generative AI course
Source: edx
  • Duration: 6 weeks (4–10 hours per week); Self-paced
  • Best Suited For: Beginners of Intermediate level
  • Price:
    • Audit Track: Free; limited course access; expires in 30 days
    • Verified Track: ₹8,233; Earn a certificate; optional upgrade available; Full access to course materials and video lectures
  • Click here to explore this Generative AI course.

Generative AI: A Way of Life

Explore “generative AI” and its transformative potential through our tailored course. Uncover how generative AI can reshape your work processes and creativity. With cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Dall-E, you’ll learn hands-on skills to generate text, images, and audiovisual content effortlessly. This course empowers professionals, entrepreneurs, content creators, writers, and AI enthusiasts to harness the power of generative AI, amplifying productivity and creativity in diverse domains. Join us to stay ahead in the world of AI-driven innovation and embrace the future of work.

Generative Ai

Generative AI – From Big Picture to Idea to Implementation

This course is available at Udemy, created by Martin Musial, a data scientist at IBM. The course covers Generative AI in a different way from the usual course works. It works on how one can ideate a new Generative AI model in respective application fields. The course goal is to give the learners a round understanding of Gen AI and to give tools to effectively start their new Gen AI projects. You also get a certificate of completion at the end that is shareable.

 Source: udemy
Source: udemy

Getting Started with Generative AI API Specialization

This is a free enrollment course on introduction to OpenAI APIs Python programming. It is conducted by expert instructors that guide the learners through the complexities of Generative AI. People learn to generate text to help build a ChatBot, Interact with ChatGPT API and generate and manipulate images and earn a certificate from Codio. One can share the certificate on social media and in your performance review or add it to your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV. 

Getting Started with Generative AI API’ is the first of the three-course series of specialization. It is followed by the following two courses:

  • Images with DALL-E (10 hours)
  • Generating code with ChatGPT API (9 hours)
  • Duration: 1 month at 10 hours a week
  • Best Suited For: Beginner level
  • Price: After enrolling in the course:
    • 7-day free trial (continue or unsubscribe)
    • Paying for a Course Certificate
    • Subscribing to Coursera Plus
    • Subscribing to a Specialization
    • Audit only
    • Financial Aid or Scholarship
    • Full course, no certificate
  • Click here to explore this Generative AI course.

Deep Generative Models

This course is available at Udemy, created by Digital Tech Academy. In this course, the students learn generative AI with stable diffusion, GANs, VAEs, etc., using Colab and Python. This course helps students to learn Deep Generative Models, understand how machines generate art, and model implementation through deep learning frameworks like PyTorch. One will learn how these models work and how to use them to generate images and use them in a variety of application fields, including graphics, art, advertising and more.

Deep Generative Models
Source: udemy


The top generative AI courses mentioned here allow learners from all walks of life to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to adopt this revolutionary technology. These courses provide specialized learning opportunities, whether they are examining art or real-world applications. Accept generative AI, open up new possibilities, and influence the prospects for tomorrow. Keep following us at Analytics Vidhya blogs to keep yourself updated with latest happenings of the AI world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any certification for Generative AI?

A. Yes. Many online platforms offer certification courses for generative AI. Udemy, EdX, Coursera, Google, Microsoft, etc., are some of the online platforms that serve the purpose. 

Q2. Where can I study Generative AI?

A. Generative AI is open to almost everyone. Even so, enrolling in a good generative AI course online is the best approach to learning generative AI. 

Q3. How do I become a Generative AI specialist?

A. With a solid background in deep learning, probability theory, and machine learning, you can easily advance to generative AI. Proficiency in programming languages like Python and experience with frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch is also necessary.

Q4. How long is the Generative AI course?

A. The course length of generative AI courses varies at different levels from platform to platform. A course may last from a few weeks to months, depending upon the complexity, levels, and scheduling.

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