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In our fast-paced digital world, staying competitive and achieving success in various fields requires a careful balance of productivity and work-life harmony. Embracing the latest AI automation tools and technologies can significantly enhance productivity and enable us to excel in both our professional and personal lives. Let’s explore the top 10 AI automation tools that can help us achieve this balance and boost productivity across different aspects of our lives.

Top 10 AI Automation to Boost Your Productivity

Here are some top 10 AI automation tools that may help boost your productivity and overall career growth in this modern era:


The notion is an AI-powered extension people prefer for project collaboration. One of the topmost and most popular platforms that enables you to create shared documents and even monitor your task becomes easy and convenient. Furthermore, the AI-powered tool aids in supporting workers while forming ideas, content or iterations within their existing notes or documents.

Notion | AI Automation Tool
Source: Notion

Key Features

  • Provides editing and translation options for your existing documentation
  • It can perform a brief overview of your bulky documents
  • It summarizes your large text segments and points out the keywords
  • Reminds your to-do-list from your last scheduled meet automatically
  • Helps in brainstorming your thoughts and ideas using the tool’s text-generation
  • Aid in quality and authentic copywriting with engaging key points


  • Free version available 
  • Paid: $10 per month for a member

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Trello is also one of the popular task management tools. This AI-powered tool has the capability to define, organize and track the task assigned to each member of your team so that the streamline of workflow becomes smooth. Through this tool, team leads do not have to contact every member individually to ask for progress. Trello aid in organizing task, collaborating and monitoring progress efficiently in no time and keeps the team updated with your ongoing tasks. 

Additionally, your system will not go slow while using the software application, and you can effectively manage your valuable projects and enhance the productivity rate of your team.


Key Features

  • Available on web and software applications
  • Works for both Android and iPhone users
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers cards for different streamlined workflows
  • Swap cards in different sections based on your progress
  • Working, editing, reviewing and verifying project information on one platform
  • Aid you in monitoring each member’s task anytime, anywhere
  • Each card has features of assigning and deadline time and date
  • Customizable features on cards available
  • You can add comments or feedback on the ongoing or completed tasks
  • Notifies task to members through emails


  • Fee Version has limited options
  • Standard: 5 USD / month
  • Premium: 10 USD / month
  • Enterprise: 17.50 USD / month

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Grammar is preferred by a professional who works as a writing assistant. AI-powered tools aid in writing clear, concise and to-the-point writeups. It assists you in brainstorming your ideas and thoughts even when you get saturated. Furthermore, it provides extensions that can work on your different applications, such as Microsoft, email writing and other communication software applications.

Grammarly | AI Automation Tools

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Quick suggestions for spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Taking extension aid in correction in real-time
  • Enhance your writing tone
  • Checks and corrects grammatical errors based on your language preferences
  • Suggests engaging write-up flows
  • From proofreading to enhancing write-up style, it ensures no errors
  • Best for review and research articles.


  • Free version available
  • Premium: INR 2,499 per month
  • Business: $15 per month for a member


It is quite similar to ChatGPT and is a web-based AI automation platform that enables you to create and use AI agents and models from their browsers. AgentGPT is functional for every individual and aims to build and promote community-based collaborations worldwide.

It offers a straightforward process that you experience while using the browser. You can generate an agent that can work for you for 100 different tasks and projects in the free version. However, it sometimes provides inconsistent results.

AgentGPT | AI Automation

Key Features

  • User-friendly approach
  • Fast and super intuitive
  • Aid in creating multiple AI agents
  • Aid in identifying the target audiences for your projects
  • Helps you to develop a content strategy
  • Utilize social media platforms to achieve information
  • Comfortable to use
  • Offer different styles and templates


  • Free version available
  • Paid: $18 per month
  • Teams: $140 per day


Zapeir is an AI automation tool that connects your favorite apps to automate your workflow and manage your time effectively. AI-driven Zaps enable us to set up the actions and targets that trigger us to save efforts and time on iterative tasks. This AI-powered tool uses natural language to generate workflow and even connect to thousands of software applications. 


Key Features

  • Customizable workflow
  • Connects chatGPT, Jasper, OpenAI and Hugging Face to provide effective results
  • Creates custom chatbots
  • Accelerates your project workflow
  • Offers to create your personalized AI assistant
  • User-friendly approach 


  • Free version available
  • Starter: INR 1,693.13 per month
  • Professional: INR 4,150.24 per month
  • Teams: INR 5,844.22 per month
  • Company: Contact sales (customizable)


Clockwise is one of the best AI automation tools that enables you to manage time effectively. It is perfect for teams as the tool promises to save you one hour per week. Furthermore, it automatically schedules your one break from your hectic schedule to keep you have a work-life balance. 

You can customize your settings as per your preferences. Furthermore, it helps you to make time and keep track of your work on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly schedules. The AI automation tool also reminds you of important meetings, seminars, projects and even breaks to make you live in harmony.

Clockwise | AI Automation tool

Key Features

  • Optimize meeting times to avoid distraction
  • Integrate your calendar with customizable productivity tools
  • Schedule your social and professional meets effortlessly
  • Tracks your focus time and distractions
  • Measures the meeting load
  • Focus time across the whole organization
  • Routine your tasks and breaks to keep you healthy
  • Protect personal time for meals, appointments and travel


  • Free version available
  • Teams: $6.75 per month
  • Business: $11.50 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales (Customizable)


As per the name, it sounds like it brings voice to your quality write-ups. WriteSonic is an AI automation tool that enables you to create intriguing content ideas and optimize its performance. It is a text-based natural language (like chatGPT, AgentGPT, etc.) but with additional features and powerful tools.

This AI automation tool aids in strategizing your content creation to increase the rank on the website and raise the traffic of the target audiences. Furthermore, it focuses on the latest technologies, trends, social media signals, and so on to bring relevant ideas for content creation.


Key Features

  • Aid in SEO improvements
  • Suggest appropriate keywords that captivate the attention
  • Recommends good length adjustments
  • Accessible 24/7 for all users
  • User-friendly approach
  • Sync to numerous platforms like email, messaging apps, and social media platforms 
  • Generates images based on your description
  • Available on the web, installation is not required
  • Preferred for copywriting and paraphrasing


  • Free trial available
  • Unlimited: $16 per month
  • Business: $12.67 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales


The topmost AI automation tool that will professionally bring quality videos. The tool is specifically designed for people who love privacy but also need to connect and engage socially and at a professional level. Most loved by business people, they can add pictures to convert them into their personalized avatars instantly. It can be helpful in giving business presentations, live images, profile pictures, advertisements and so on. 

Considering its quality features, the tool has become popular in the educational and marketing world for a wide range of purposes. The plus feature is you can create customizable avatars and incorporate different languages and accents based on your target audiences.

Key Features

  • Quick transformation in avatars from text, prompt and images 
  • Images and avatars can be customizable
  • Featured library and storage available
  • High-quality resolution images and avatars
  • Clear voice with background noise cancellation
  • You can edit or blur the background 
  • Editing tools available to enhance or beautify your avatars
  • Real-like gestures and expressions provide a human touch
  • Authentic and engaging videos 
  • AI voices available in more than 120 languages
  • 140+ AI avatars available that can be edited simply as a slide deck
  • No experience is needed. Good for beginners. 


  • Personal: INR 1,499 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion-powered DreamStudio is an AI automation tool for quality image generation. The software aids in manipulating your images in accordance with your preferences. The modified images look so realistic that they attract the clients to enhance their images using the software. The visually appealing images add noise to your original photography, enhance textures, and enrich the minute details in the picture.

Stable Diffusion | AI Automation Tool

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Available on web and software applications
  • Works for both Android and iPhone users
  • Versatile tool offering plenty of controls
  • Customizable generation of images
  • High-quality resolution
  • Artistic cartoonish and realistic image creation
  • Quick transformation
  • Different templates and styles are available
  • Editing tools are a plus


  • Free version available
  • Basic: $9 per month
  • Standard: $49 per month
  • Premium: $149 per month 


As per the name, the AI automation tool Beautiful.AI promises your presentation creation beautifully. It brings beauty to your original images and crafts them in your customized slide decks to make them look more appealing. The tool offers you ease and simplifies your editing by providing a beautiful slide deck in front of you with innovative styles and layouts. You can put your favorite colors and assess royalty-free digital images in the library. It aids in convenience, putting all the images at once in your presentation. 

Beautiful.AI | AI Automation Tools

Key Features

  • Ease in creating intriguing presentations
  • Customizable slide decks
  • Slider for layouts and styles available on the screen
  • Effective results that engage the audiences
  • Authentic creation of slide decks
  • Customized company themes and collaborative workspace available
  • Custom temperate and shared asset library is provided
  • Team training and privacy support have been introduced in the software
  • Audit events and dedicated onboardings
  • User provisioning and unlimited team resources are available


  • Pro: $12 per month
  • Team: $40 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom plan (Contact Sales)


AI automation tools have become a crucial part of our lives. They aid in boosting our productivity, effective time management, and maintaining work-life balance for a harmonious life. The above-mentioned AI automation tools can help you generate, organize, and monitor your workflow effortlessly, saving you valuable time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. State five  AI automation tools for creative writing.

A. Some of the best AI writing tools are Jasper, Scalenut, Sudowrite, Copy.AI, and Writesonic.

Q2. Give names of the 7 best AI automation tools for project management.

The seven best AI automation tools for project management are:

Asana AI
Microsoft Project

Q3. What is the role of the RescueTime AI tool?

A. The RescueTime AI tool aids in monitoring your digital habits. It helps you to keep track of where you invest or waste your time. It also keeps track of your online activities and suggests ways to improve focus.

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