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Struggling to keep pace with the relentless demands of the modern world? Wondering how to make the most of your time and stay ahead of the competition? In a fast-paced digital age, mastering productivity tools is the key to achieving success efficiently. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or a student, harnessing the power of AI tools can supercharge your productivity and elevate your performance. Let’s explore top 25 AI tools that can revolutionize your work-life balance and unlock your true potential.

Top 25 AI Productivity Tools

  1. Userpilot – AI Writing Assistant
  2. CopyAI – AI Writing Tool
  3. Surfer – SEO Content Creation
  4. Grammarly – Online Writing Tool
  5. DALL-E2
  6. Neural Love 
  7. Illustroke 
  8. Userpilot
  9. Alconost 
  10. Smartling
  11. EliseAI 
  12. Synthesia 
  13. Levity – AI 
  14. GetResponse 
  15. Seventh Sense 
  16. Magic Sales Bot – AI tool for cold email marketing campaigns
  17. Microsoft Power BI 
  18. MonkeyLearn 
  19. Brand24 – Artificial intelligence tool for social listening
  20. Tara AI
  21. Futurenda
  22. Timely
  23. Trevor
  24. X.ai
  25. Asta
  26. Time Doctor

Best AI Writing Tools For The Content Creation Process

Here are some top-notch AI writing tools to ease your content creation process and develop innovative data engineering projects in the market:

Userpilot – AI Writing Assistant

Userpilot | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Userpilot 

Userpilot AI writing assistant is widely used as a copywriting tool. It helps in creating unique content from scratch and can also refine your content to enhance the quality of your project. The choice is yours; you just have to ask AI for endless possibilities that aid you in creating engaging, errorless content.

Key Features

  • Accurate and to-the-point copy generated by AI
  • The content flow is consistent and engaging
  • Provide suggestions during content creation
  • Corrects grammatical errors automatically
  • Spelling mistakes can be corrected at once based on your language preferences
  • Remove unnecessary steps and optimise your onboarding flow.


  • Starter: $249 per month
  • Growth: $499 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact

CopyAI – AI Writing Tool

CopyAI writing tool is one of the popular tools for content creators. It’s the best fit for lower-volume content production and is powered by OpenAI. 

CopyAI writing tools | AI Productivity Tools
Source: CopyAI writing tools

Key Features

  • Offers 45 templates and 98 writing tools
  • More than 95 languages available
  • Focuses on copywriting
  • Removes blank page automatically
  • Works as your personal research assistant


  • Free plan available for 2,000 words
  • Pro: $49 per month for unlimited words with 7 days free trial
  • Enterprise: For organisational use (contact for demo)

Surfer – SEO Content Creation

A web-based SEO tool that offers comprehensive features for your innovative content creation.  It helps in increasing the traffic, increasing visibility and enhancing the rank of your content.

Source: SEO Content Creation

Key Features

  • Generate quality articles with appropriate NLP-ready keywords 
  • Create catchy headlines
  • Add relevant images based on your prompt
  • No plagiarism content, thus ensuring authenticity
  • User-friendly software
  • Competitor and background analysis is possible
  • Onsite optimisation and tracking progress features are available.


  • Essential: $69 per month
  • Advanced: $149 per month
  • MAX: $249 per month 
  • Enterprise: Custom (Contact sales) for organisational purpose

Grammarly – Online Writing Tool

Grammarly is the most preferable software for all types of content creators. It assists in keeping your content accurate, precise and error-free.

Grammarly | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Grammarly

Key Features

  • Checks spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and fix them quickly
  • Provides suggestions based on your prompt
  • Helps to adjust the content’s tone
  • Aids in accelerating the writing process
  • Suggests ideas based on your write-ups
  • Available web and application


  • Free version available
  • Premium: INR 2,499 per month
  • Business: $45 for 3-member teams

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Best AI Tools for Image Generation

Here are some best tools for quality image generation that may enhance your data engineering projects.


DALL-E2 is an openAI software that generates realistic art and images from natural language descriptions. You just have to provide text description and give you results with combined attributes, concepts and styles. 

 DALL-E2 | AI Productivity Tools
Source: DALL-E2

Key Features

  • Original and realistic image creation
  • Accuracy in image with 4x higher resolution
  • Focus on the safety and privacy of data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available on the web and application
  • Works for Android and iPhone users


  • Free available credit for $5
  • Paid: $0.13 per prompt and $0.03 per image

Neural Love 

A free AI tool for generating stunning art for your data engineering project. You just have to throw 2-3 words at the AI, and it will reflect a masterpiece based on your prompt.

Neural Love | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Neural Love

Key Features

  • High-resolution art generation
  • Create personalised AI-generated avatars
  • Alluring templates available
  • Enhance video, audio and image quality online
  • Editing features available with numerous eye-catching effects and styles
  • No installation required 
  • Restore portrait


  • Starter: Free 5 credits to try once
  • Subscription: $30 per month
  • GO: $57 for 300 credits


Illustroke is a top-notch AI tool for unique and stunning illustrations. It converts your text prompts into ready-to-use images in vector form.

Source: Illustroke 

Key Features

  • Colourful and retro-style illustrations 
  • Tailored for illustrative designs with the help of AI
  • Available for commercial use
  • Application programming interface for bulk illustration
  • 40+ styles available
  • Modifications and editing are available after download
  • Also, download in PNG format
  • Aid in creating logos, icons and website illustrations for professionals


  • Free tokens are available on the welcome code for 24 hours
  • Personal Bundle: 50 tokens at $6
  • Growth Bundle: $18 for 200 tokens

Best AI Tools For Content Localisation

Here are some best content localisation AI tools to build your quality data engineering projects.


Userpilot aids in creating high-quality content in 32 different languages. Set up your localisation parameter and get the results in just one click.

Source: Userpilot

Key Features

  • Offers manual and automated translation of content
  • Translates in different languages without building from scratch
  • Ease in content flow and increase user engagement
  • Deliver the same content in multiple languages to different target audiences globally 
  • Aid in SEO optimisation
  • Product analytics and tracking options are available


  • Starter: $249 per month
  • Growth: $499 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales


Alconost is AI-based software that utilises adaptive machine translation and delivers quality first localisation in more than 100 languages. The software is ideal for data engineering projects for beginners.

Source: Alconost

Key Features

  • Localises websites, games, software
  • Continuous localisation workflow
  • Customised translation
  • Translate content provided by native-speaking linguists and professionals
  • Best for letters, product description and post-editing in multi-languages
  • User-friendly interface



Smartling is AI AI-based software best fit for a data-driven approach to localisation. It simplifies the complexities of managing multilingual content and reaches the audiences faster.

Smartling | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Smartling

Key Features

  • Quick translation in multiple languages
  • Accuracy in translation
  • Content quality check available
  • Manages workflow routing and cost
  • Track and manage visibility
  • Provides flexible workflow and automates content ingestion
  • Observe and optimise performance in real-time


  • Core: contact sales
  • Growth: contact sales
  • Enterprise: contact sales

Best AI Tools To Improve SaaS Marketing

The following is the list of best AI tools that enhance software as a service (SaaS) marketing.


EliseAI offers conversational AI solutions to empower your business through natural language processing. It deals with housing to healthcare and game-changing efficiencies for businesses, raising the capacity to serve more audiences.

EliseAI | AI Productivity Tools
Source: EliseAI

Key Features

  • Helps us to improve operations
  • Offers human-like experience for customers
  • Integrates existing workflow of business smoothly
  • Tailored conversation based on specific domain
  • Trained and provided a knowledgeable dataset for different fields
  • User-friendly interface


Synthesia is AI avatar generator software that turns your text prompts into videos in no time. It is best for professional use for people who are not willing to reveal themselves and love privacy. 

Source: Synthesia

Key Features

  • Generates customised avatars based on your personality
  • Natural sounding with noise cancellation
  • Background filtering available
  • Voice available in more than 120 languages
  • 140+ engaging AI avatars can be generated
  •  User-friendly interface and no experience required
  • High-resolution video quality


  • Personal: INR 1,499 per month 
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales 

Levity – AI 

LevityAI is online AI software for your data engineering project’s workflow. It aids in productivity and automates repetitive tasks. 

Levity AI | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Levity AI

Key Features

  • Easy extraction of essential information from text data
  • Quick categorisation of data into particular labels
  • Easy sorting and prioritise of daily tasks
  • Generate engaging text automatically 
  • Seamlessly condense bulky documents and contents and summarise precisely
  • Different innovative templates are available 


  • Free version available
  • Starter: 479 per month
  • Business: $239 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing (contact sales)

Best AI tools for Email Automation


GetResponse is an AI-powered tool that is best in email marketing. and creates automated responses. The email is generated using artificial intelligence based on domain preferences.

GetResponse | AI Productivity Tools
Source: GetResponse

Key Features

  • Helps in covering audiences into customers
  • Automated contact collection through signup forms, surveys, and so on
  • Delivers engaging and valuable content that nurtures the subscribers
  • Creates newsletters considering pain points and their solutions
  • Optimisation with data analytics is available


  • Email marketing: $13.2 per month
  • Marketing automation: $41.1 per month
  • Ecommerce marketing: $82.9 per month

Seventh Sense 

Seventh Sense is an AI-powered tool that manages your email scheduling.  

Seventh Sense
Source: Seventh Sense

Key Features

  • Offers incredible deliverability
  • Creates engaging content that hooks the readers
  • Optimises to increase the conversation
  • Filters out spam
  • User-friendly approach
  • Email frequency can be customised
  • Delivery of knowledgeable content 
  • Designed specifically for HubSpot and Marketo


  • For HubSpot
    • Business: $64 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact Sales
  • For Marketo
    • Business: $360 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom

Best AI Tools To Analyse Data

Here are some best AI tools to observe and optimise data for your data engineering project.

Microsoft Power BI 

Microsoft Power BI is an AI-empowered tool helpful in machine learning for business intelligence. It is one of the most trusted and popular software in the audience.

Microsoft Power BI
Source: Microsoft Power BI

Key Features

  • Helps in making mindful decisions based on minute analytics
  • Translate insights into impacts across members and teams
  • Track real-time metrics throughout the growing business


  • Free version available
  • Power BI Pro: INR 785.30 per month
  • Power BI Premium: INR 1,570.60 per month
  • Power BI Premium + Capacity: INR 3,92,257.40 per month


MonkeyLearn is an AI-based software for machine learning analytics and visualising customer feedback. It is a popular tool in the business world. You can extract data from several sites and create valuable data engineering projects on GitHub, too.

Source: MonkeyLearn

Key Features

  • Simple, clean and well-labelled text
  • Ease in tracking consumer feedback
  • Power cutting-edge artificial intelligence
  • Instant data visualisation 
  • Detailed insights and overview in no time
  • Prebuilt machine-building models are customisable
  • User-friendly business templates
  • Simplifies text analytics


  • MonkeyLearn API: $299 per month

Brand24 – Artificial Intelligence Tool for Social Listening

Brand24 is a reputed tool powered by AI which contributes to social listening. 

Brand24 | AI Productivity Tool
Source: Brand24

Key Features

  • Protects your reputation
  • Measure your brand awareness
  • Analyse competitors
  • Provides a brief overview of your performance
  • Customised data analytics
  • Observe the sentiment of the audiences
  • Create reports
  • Keep monitoring the brands 


  • Individual: $99 per month
  • Team: $179 per month
  • Pro: $249 per month
  • Enterprise: $499 per month

Best AI Tools for Project and Time Management

Here are some top-notch software for better project management and managing your time.

Tara AI

Tara AI is the best tool used during the project development process. It works for new and upgrading existing digital products. 

Source: Tara.AI

Key Features

  • Unify and enrich engineering activity without alteration in workflow
  • Best for collaborating software projects
  • Daily tasks are automated by AI
  • Write code, aid in designing
  • Easy tasks in building great products


  • Insights: $35 per month
  • Issue tracking add-on: +$5 on insights 
  • Enterprise: Contact sales


Futurenda is a top calendar planner software for your efficient time management during your data engineering projects or work from home. It helps you to maintain a work-life balance and aids in tracking time conveniently. 

Futurenda | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Futurenda

Key Features

  • Customised work hours
  • Integrate calendar and offer task reminders
  • Suggest flexible day planning
  • Automate task management without stress
  • User-friendly interface


A time tracker AI-based software. It helps in tracking time spent on desktop applications and web-based working automatically.

Timely | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Timely 

Key Features

  • Ussr friendly interface
  • Provides accurate and reliable results
  • Quick overview available
  • Calculates your breaks and helps you to balance work life.


  • Starter: $9 per month
  • Premium: $16 per month
  • Unlimited: $22 per month 


Trevor is powered by AI and helps you to sync your to-do list with Google Calendar so that you can keep track of working hours and helps you to perform effective time management.

Source: Trevor

Key Features

  • Organise tasks and projects based on your customisation
  • Reminds calls, messages, emails, meetings, and other tasks
  • Different buckets of time (morning, evening and so on) can be created
  • Define tasks and get alerts automatically
  • Available for android and 9iPhone users
  • Easy to use


  • 3,000 credits free
  • Pro: $75


X.ai is one of the popular tools for scheduling your appointments and meetings. It offers a user-friendly interface and is best for any age group.

Key Features

  • Can be synced to Google Calendar
  • Sent invitations for both official and unofficial purposes
  • Provides information on different time zones
  • Provides details of what to bring in appointments and meetings
  • Determine available and busy hours


Asta is AI-powered software that helps in completing your tasks and projects on time and within the planned budget.

Source: Asta PowerProject

Key Features

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Offers numerous types of projects and scales
  • Available on the web, no installation required
  • Aid in creating strategic plans and reminds to stick on it
  • Provides an overview of working hours 

Time Doctor

A top-notch tool powered by artificial intelligence suiting on-site and remote employees.

Time Doctor | AI Productivity Tools
Source: Asana

Key Features

  • Aid in tracking working hours
  • Effective time management with reminders
  • Regular tracking and overview of working hours
  • Provides insights into your productivity in hours, days, weeks or months.
  • Helps you to maintain work-life balance


  • Basic: $5.9 per month
  • Standard: $8.4 per month


The article covers detailed information on numerous AI-powered software applications that are best fit to use in 2023. It helps you to keep progressive in your field and helps you keep effective time management. Your success is ensured with a work-life balance and keeping updated on the latest technologies. Keep following Analytics Vidhya Blogs to stay updated with latest trends of the GenAI world.
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