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Common mistakes analysts make during analysis and how to avoid them?

Quite often I come across situations where people end up making wrong inferences based on half baked analysis. Or when people force fit data …

The art of structured thinking and analyzing

It took me 3 months to complete my first analytics project. If I would have worked on a similar project 6 months into the …


During a panel discussion in Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit early this year in Barcelona, vendors estimated: 70% of Analytics projects fail to meet …

What is Business Analytics and which tools are used for analysis?

Business Analytics has become a catch all word for any thing to do with data. So if you are new to this field and …

Limitations of Pre vs. Post analysis and Importance of testing

During a recent interview with an analyst working for a big multi-national retail store chain, I asked: How do you check if promotion of …

How to apply web analytics for e-Commerce websites?

E-commerce is a dynamic and developing industry and so is web analytics. Mix the two and you can expect a world dynamic to its …


Over last 6 years, I have come across more than hundreds of analysts and have conducted almost equal number of interviews. Over this time, …

Creating a simple and effective Sales dashboard (with Qlikview) – Part 2

In my last post, I discussed how a simple dashboard can provide information effectively. I will continue from where I left and go through …

Creating a simple and effective Sales dashboard (with Qlikview)

Appropriate space allocation and compelling visuals which convey business insights in meaningful manner are key to creating a good dashboard. The dashboard / chart …


  One of the most common operation for any analyst is merging datasets. As per my estimate, an analyst spends at least 10 – …

Basics of Predictive modeling

Imagine how the world would change when any advertisement you receive is only about a product you are interested in. How beautiful it would …

Welcome to Analytics Vidhya!

Welcome to Analytics Vidhya! For those of you, who are wondering what is “Analytics Vidhya”, “Analytics” can be defined as the science of extracting …

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