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Introduction It happened few years back. After working on SAS for more than 5 years, I decided to move out of my comfort zone. Being …

Comprehensive Introduction to merging in SAS

In my previous article, “Combining data sets in SAS – Simplified“, we discussed three methods to combine data sets – appending, concatenating and Interleaving. …

Combining datasets in SAS – simplified!

One of the most common task, every analyst performs multiple times in a project is combining data sets. There are various ways to combine …

Data Munging in Python (using Pandas) – Baby steps in Python

Time flies by! I see Jenika (my daughter) running around in the entire house and my office now. She still slips and trips – …


  One of the most common operation for any analyst is merging datasets. As per my estimate, an analyst spends at least 10 – …

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