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  • Asaras says:

    Dear Kunal,

    Could you please let me know whether it is advisable for me to move to the Business Analytics domain.
    Having 15+ yerar of experience in IT ( working for the past 5 years as PMO head) currently I would like to focus on a specialized area. In this regard, one thought process is to move to analytics domain, since to some extent analytics is part of my current job profile ( As an IT PMO head, my responsibility is to manage and analyse the data like project metrics audits/financial data analysis etc using excel. )

    If it is ok to move to analytics domain, could you help me on the possible courses for me to get started.


  • nvobugari says:

    I second Kunal’s reply. You may start some analytic projects and after getting good hands on experience on projects , it is easier for a change in career.
    It may be difficult for you to directly start working on projects, in that case, I would advise to attend some online or direct training s where you get a better understanding of Business Analytics/Machine Learning and your interest will gear up. Try to attend the training s where you will get a hands on experience working on projects.