Economics and ROI of Immersive Bootcamp

Below is the actual Cost of the Fulltime Bootcamp Program along with a Guaranteed Job. You will recover the entire fee of the “Bootcamp Program” within just 14 months of joining the program.

Particulars Lump-sum Amount (INR) Installment Amount(INR)
Total Cost of Program 3,51,000 * (You Pay) 3,75,000* (You Pay)
Stipend for 9 months @ 15000 per month (1,35,000) (You Earn) (1,35,000) (You Earn)
Actual Cost of BootCamp at the end of 9 months 2,15,000 (Net Cost) 2,40,000 (Net Cost)

*The amount is inclusive of taxes.

*Guaranteed Job of minimum INR 6,00,000 per annum (50,000 per month)