General Terms and Conditions

  • 100% Job Guarantee applies to candidates opting for Fulltime Bootcamp.
  • Score above 60% in all assessments and tests.
  • 75% attendance in both internship and as well as in training classes.
  • Fees and dues to be paid on time as per your payment plan.
  • You will have to attend all interview opportunities organised/presented by AV at any point during the internship and training program.
  • You must be legally eligible to work in India for at least 1 year following the graduation date of the program.
  • You must be able to pass any background checks associated with jobs that you apply for with potential employers. Without limiting the foregoing, if you fail to obtain a job offer directly or partially due to your failure to pass any background check associated with the job offer you will not be eligible to ask for any refund of program fees.
  • There should be no pending or registered case against you in any court of law, police or any other government or civic body either in India or any overseas territory.
  • Any non-disciplinary behaviour or action during the training period will be considered as a breach of the terms of this program and may result in expulsion from the program.
  • After completion of 6 month of the training program, you must be fully active in your job search and apply for a minimum of 4 Qualifying Positions per week, in accordance with the best practices prescribed by Analytics Vidhya instructors. We also encourage you to reach out to a minimum of 5 high-quality networking contacts per month during your internship.
  • During the Internship period of 9 months , at any point if you get an offer from any company and accept the same, you are free to join that company and opt out of the internship. You can continue to attend the classroom training during the bootcamp. In this case, internship Stipend will only be paid until the day such a candidate has worked as an intern at Analytics Vidhya.