Sonam Srivastava

Independent Investment Advisor, Wright Research

Sonam Srivastava is a quantitative investment management professional with more than 7 years of experience in systematic portfolio management and quantitative trading. Most recently she worked as a portfolio manager at Qplum, where she used machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate investment decision making. She has previously worked at HSBC and Edelweiss as a senior quantitative researcher and an algorithmic trader. She is an engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur and a Masters in Financial Engineering from Worldquant University.

Sonam is an avid researcher and blogger in the field of quantitative investment research. Her area of expertise is time series analysis, statistical modeling in finance and application of machine learning and deep learning in investment management. You can find her latest research here.
Currently, she is researching systematic trading strategies in the Indian markets using equity factors, risk modeling and asset allocation methods.