Infinite Possibilities: Exploring the future with Generative AI

India’s most Futuristic AI Conference

calender 2nd - 5th August, 2023 location Bengaluru

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    AI Talks


    Hack Sessions



    Why attend?

    network Network with industry experts

    The conference is an opportunity to share ideas and drive conversations with industry influencers and cross vertical leaders.

    groth Gain Insights

    Discover the next frontier of business with our globally renowned speakers as they offer insights into latest breakthroughs in AI.

    discover Accelerate your growth

    Understand how to springboard your way to the ever-evolving and transforming AI landscape through dedicated deep-dive sessions and more.

    inspired Be Inspired

    Our unrivaled speakers line up will be sharing insights, challenges and advice to inspire businesses on their AI journey.

    Our speakers


    Unlock the secrets to mastering AI with immersive, hands-on workshops. Join industry leaders and gain practical experience to understand what goes behind the cutting-edge AI machines.


    Explore the latest applications with AI and Machine Learning experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from around the globe. Each session will combine the knowledge and perspective of experienced industry speakers with the power of AI

    The Experience

    Live Keynotes

    We’re bringing together the brightest AI minds to share experiences, innovations, and cutting-edge case studies. Expect tangible and practical insights.

    Power Talks

    Learn from the perspective of experienced industry leaders from across the globe. Each session packs years of experience and a ton of perspective on the impact of AI.

    Hack Sessions

    What better way to understand AI than seeing an expert building it in front of your eyes. Each Hack Session is an hour long live interactive session with an expert working in front of you!


    Time to get into action! Each day-long workshop is aimed to make sure you learn Artificial Intelligence by doing it yourself. No more lectures – just code with the help of experts!

    Awards Evening

    To recognize the best in AI, the awards night uplifts and inspires everyone present. This showcases the groundbreaking innovations and business in the AI landscape.

    The AI Showcase

    Check out the latest and the best in Artificial Intelligence. From exciting startups, solution providers to bleeding edge hardware and software providers!


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    • Keynote Sessions
    • 30+ Hack Sessions
    • 70+ AI Talks
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    Book Tickets *Ticket prices are exclusive of GST
    • Keynote Sessions
    • 30+ Hack Sessions
    • 70+ AI Talks
    • Full Hack Day Access
    • Workshop Access
    • Workshop Certificate

    Focus areas

    focus area
    • Generative AI
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Cloud Computing
    • NLP
    • Data Engineering
    • Computer Vision
    • Data Visualization
    • ML Ops
    • Diffusion Model
    • Responsible AI
    • Large Language Model

    Call for Nomination

    Recognising Data Science Innovators and Leaders. The last date for nominations is 15th June.

    Showcase the talent of exceptional data science professionals and leaders across multiple categories. Nominate someone or even yourself!

    Join the celebration and honor the trailblazers in the data science community. Cast your nomination now!

    Past sponsors

    We're proud to have had past sponsors like American Express, Intel and AWS who helped make previous editions of DataHack Summit a success. Join us and gain visibility, networking opportunities, and more.


    NIMHANS Convention Centre

    Hosur Main Road, Lakkasandra,
    Hombegowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

    NIMHANS Convention Centre

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    NIMHANS Convention Centre


    What is DataHack Summit 2023?

    DataHack Summit 2023 is India’s most futuristic AI and data science conference, bringing together the best and brightest in the field of AI to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion for AI.

    When and where is DataHack Summit 2023 taking place?

    The 3 day conference is taking place on 2nd – 4th August, 2023 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru.

    The 4th day consists of day-long workshops. The workshops are held in a table-and-chair setup. The venues for the workshops will be announced shortly


    What is the theme of DataHack Summit 2023?

    The theme of DataHack Summit 2023 is “Infinite Possibilities: Exploring the Future with Generative AI”. This focus reflects the conference’s commitment to delve into the vast potential of Generative AI. It aims to explore how this technology can shape and revolutionize our future.

    Are there any group discounts available for DataHack Summit 2023?

    Yes. Please email us at [email protected] or call on +91 9910464142 (Simran Jasbir Singh) for group discounts.

    What types of tickets are available for DataHack Summit 2023?

    DataHack Summit 2023 offers 2 types of tickets – 

    1. Conference + HackDay
    2. Conference + HackDay + Workshop

    Kindly check the pricing page for discounts and price related information

    How can I purchase tickets for DataHack Summit 2023?

    You can purchase tickets for DataHack Summit 2023 on the conference website.

    Are there any opportunities for speakers at Datahack Summit 2023?

    Yes, Datahack Summit 2023 welcomes speakers from various backgrounds and expertise in data science and artificial intelligence. Visit the call for speakers page to submit your proposal.

    Who are the keynote speakers at DataHack Summit 2023?

    DataHack Summit 2023 features a lineup of premier AI leaders from companies across the globe.

    What’s the difference between a workshop and a hack session?

    Hack Sessions are brief, expert-driven demonstrations showcasing data-driven solutions with minimal interaction, held in a relaxed setting.

    Workshops are extensive, interactive sessions emphasizing hands-on learning and problem-solving in a formal environment, with a focus on individual attention.

    Essentially, Hack Sessions display solutions, while Workshops promote skill-building and comprehensive understanding.

    What are the details of the AI talks at DataHack Summit 2023?

    AI talks at DataHack Summit 2023 will feature cutting-edge topics in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and more. Esteemed speakers will share insights on AI advancements, trends, and applications across various industries.

    Is there a Hack session at DataHack Summit 2023?

    DataHack Summit 2023 includes a Hack session, where participants engage in hands-on challenges, showcasing their skills in data science and AI techniques.

    Will there be networking opportunities at DataHack Summit 2023?

    Yes, DataHack Summit 2023 offers numerous opportunities for networking, including dedicated networking sessions and social events.

    How can I become a sponsor for DataHack Summit 2023?

    To become a sponsor for DataHack Summit 2023, please contact the conference organizers for more information.

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