Machine Learning model in Production using Flask

Most of the times, the real use of our Machine Learning model lies at the heart of a product, which can be a component of an automated mailer system or a chatbot.
Majority of ML folks use R / Python for their experiments. But consumer of those ML models would be software engineers who use a completely different stack. To bridge between this gap, we follow an API first approach. In this session we’ll be looking to create an API wrapper for our Machine Learning models and deploy them using Docker.



Structure of the hack-session

This is an 1-hour Hack-Session and includes the following modules:


  • Introduction to API creation and deployment frameworks in python
  • Creating an Machine Learning Model and wrapping it in an API
  • Deploying the model as a Web endpoint
  • How to integrate it with any web application


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Prathamesh Sarang


Duration of Hack-Session: 1 hour

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