Axel De Romblay

Author of MLBox - Automated Machine Learning Python Package

Axel Aronio De Romblay is a Data Scientist at Groupe Crédit Agricole, Paris. He is passionate about Deep Learning and AutoML (Automated Machine Learning). He created MLBox. He has done his master’s in Data Science at “Ecole Polytechnique” (top French engineering school)


He has worked on various domains : machine learning, automated machine learning, NLP/chatbot, deep learning, time series, and worked on Languages : Python, Spark, Java, many kore.


Previously, he was a Data Scientist in the R&D DataLab at BNP Paribas Cardif (worlwide insurance company) where he worked on Fraud detection. He has also worked in the DataLab at Ubisoft (French video game publisher).


Most importantly, Axel is the Author of “MLBox” automated machine learning python package. He is a Kaggle Expert and passionate about Machine Learning and Mathematics.

My Sessions

Hack Session: Automate Machine Learning Pipeline Using MLBox

Banquet Hall

The power of machine learning comes with a price. Once you have the skills, the toolkit, the hardware, and the data, there is still the complexity involved in creating and fine-tuning a machine learning model. But if the whole point of machine learning is to automate tasks that previously required a human being, wouldn’t it […]

Machine Learning

How to Automate Machine Learning Pipeline?


Automated Machine Learning has become a topic of considerable interest over the past year. It has been generating notable interest and gaining respect. In this talk, I will discuss the following: 1. The challenges that companies face today while finding the best ML solution 2. How auto-ml is solving the above challenge? 3. What do […]

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