Prarthana Bhat

Data Scientist at Flutura Decision Science and Analytics

Prarthana is a data scientist at Flutura Decision Science and Analytics.
She has implemented an analytical solution for one of the largest industrial adhesive manufacturing company which improved the quality of finished goods by using Dynamic Operating Procedure.
With an Industry experience of 5 Years, she has worked in Manufacturing, IoT & Retail domains. She has hands-on knowledge of tools like R, Python, MongoDb.

My Sessions

Hack Session: Image Classification Using CNN (Deep Learning Architecture)

Hack Room

Did you know that the Deep Learning boom which we see now has its roots in image processing? Attend this hack session to witness the massive advancement that deep learning provides in the field of image processing. This is a 1-hour┬áHack- Session and includes the following modules:   Image Processing: Then and now The Deep […]

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