Ratnakar Pandey

India Head: Analytics and Data Science at Kabbage

Ratnakar Pandey has more than 15 years of experience in analytics and data science fields. At Kabbage, he is leading the machine and deep learning models development activity across customer life cycle, from acquisition to customer engagement to fraud prevention to risk based underwriting policy development.


Prior to joining Kabbage, he has been a part of the data science leadership team in Citigroup, Target, Texas Instruments, and few startups in India. He has got an MBA from ISB Hyderabad, MS from the University of Arkansas, and Btech from HBTI Kanpur.

My Sessions

Workshop: Deep Learning using Tensorflow

Praxis Business School

Do you want to jump into the Deep Learning bandwagon? Are you still stuck on grasping how backpropagation works? Then this workshop is for you! The goal of this workshop is to get you up to speed with the advancements in Deep Learning with a practical perspective. Along with this, you will also get to […]


How can you Identify Fraud in FINTECH Lending using Deep Learning?


Although statistical techniques such as Elastic Net, Gradient Boosting Tree have traditionally done a good job in identifying potential fraud cases, but with the ever evolving modus operandi of fraudsters we need to deploy self-learning/ deep learning algorithms such as ANN to stay one step ahead of fraudsters! Attend this session to learn about¬†Artificial Neural […]

Deep Learning
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