Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Beginners

Interacting with artificial intelligent systems seems a bit simulated at times. This is because the way we converse as humans to one another is completely different from that we do usually with AI systems.
Thankfully, research has been rampant in the area to bridge the gap in conversational AI systems. In this 8-hour workshop, you will get to know about natural language processing, creating word embeddings and developing learners to perform NLP tasks like sentiment analysis, auto correction and much more.


Prerequisites for the workshop:

  • Python programming experience
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning



Structure of the workshop

This is an 8-hour workshop and includes the following modules:


  • What is Natural Language Processing?
  • Pre-Processing using Spacy
  • Linguistic tagging using Spacy
  • Word Vectors / Word Embeddings
  • Case studies of NLP task
  • Simple Learner
  • Project: Sentiment Analysis
  • Project: Spelling correction
  • Deep Learning in NLP
  • Where to go from here?


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Rishabh Shukla

Responsible for  developing and  supervising the  R&D  process at  Neuron. Envisioned,  researched and developed  an industry-ready  NLP  platform. Working on  a  trainable  Deep  Learning  Platform to facilitate the training  of state-of-the-art  NLP  Models in  a  distributed infrastructure.
Supervise the  Open  Source development  of  FactMata’s  Core  NLP  Engine, Backend, and  Frontend Extension. Working on  NLP models for  ML-based Fact  Checking.
GSoC(er) at Mifos, a  non-profit initiative and  an open  technology platform for nancial inclusion used  by nancial services providers worldwide.


Mukul Malik

NLP engineer and researcher at Neuron.Optimize and improve industry-ready NLP platforms. Participate and mentor in communities like PyDelhi, PyData Delhi etc.
Contributor at conferences like Pycon India.
Working on Cloud-Based Deep Learning, Natural Language Interface for Database, Mimicking Human Reward Systems. Expertise in Semantic Recommendation Engines, Information Extraction, User Profiling, Text-based Embeddings, Big Data structuring


Duration of Workshop: 8 hours


Venue: Caspia Hotel Whitefield –  The Stars (name of the conference room)  Address:- No A1 Brookfield Mahadevpura,, Opp IFB Campus, 3, ITPL Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048 (Maps)

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