Data Scientists in India - An Overview

Analytics Vidhya Hiring Philosophy

Team at AV believes that hiring data scientists is different from hiring for other profiles. A data scientist need to be well equipped with techincal knowledge, hand-on experience with tools, good business logics, problem solving skills and strategic mind. Judging all of these in an interview seems to be a difficult task.

We, at Analytics Vidhya judge a candidate over months and years, not just judge, we find and try to fill the gap and then we connect the right candidates with our clients. The process becomes more extensive when candidates have to go through a hackathon where they have to apply all their skills and logic to solve a real world problem.

Use Analytics Vidhya Expertise

Use the expertise and insights from the team which interacts with thousands of data scientists every month. We understand the industry and your needs.

Hire only the best

Each profile on Analytics Vidhya get scored on various skill tests. This should help you hire the best!

Trusted by 50+ companies

The best companies in analytics and data science trust us with their hiring needs.

Hiring Through Data Science Hackathons

Hire people who can solve your business problems. Host a data problem on our Datahack platform and hire the best candidates. We share candidates profiles & their model submissions.

Popular skills among data scientists in Analytics Vidhya Community

Organise A Hiring Hackathon

Let the best data scientists solve your business problems

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Distribution of potential data scientists in India

**Following Map shows Job Seeker Index in different cities.

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