Data Science Job Opportunities Trend in India

For past few years, especially in 2017, it has been a very common trend to see AI powered new products or known products getting more advanced and efficient, only by the use of the hottest technology trends in the industry - AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

We, at Analytics Vidhya, try to bring such developments and trends from across the country and make them available to our followers every year through a report. 2017's report can be found here.

For a fast-moving space like data science a yearly report sounded like too mainstream to us and thus we decided to bring real-time industry trends to our followers.

We used many open sourced data from across the web and the data sourced from Analytics Vidhya clients and users. We have tried our best to bring an unbiased view about the current scenario of opportunities in the domain and we will make consistent effort to keep the reports/trends updated to the present scenario, always.

What kind of insights would you get from these trends?

These trends should answer your questions related to availability of job opportunities in different geographies within India, along with standard compensations, etc. Below are a few sample questions that these trends could answer for you.

  • What salary should I expect, given my skillset?
  • What are the skills I should learn to have the highest impact on my career?
  • Which location has the most number of opportunities?

Disclaimer: The trends shown in the graphs below are based on the data we have received from various sources. Any company or organization might not follow the same trend.

Data Science Jobs Distribution Across India

**Following Map shows Job Availability Index in different cities on a scale of 0 to 5

Skill based trends in data science jobs

**Recent trend shows that Python has become the popular among all tools used by data scientists