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Create a basic Qlikview document using data provided by Qlik during “Build Your First Qlikview” training.

  1. Write a Script to load data sets “Customer.xls” and “Transact.csv” by Using Relative Path option. Write down your finding of using relative path.
  2. Go to Table viewer, here you can see an automatic connection is established between two tables based on common field Customer_ID. What do we called this and can we change this connection?
  3. While loading the data, use partial load first and after that, execute reload command to completely load.
  4. Create a list box for Country and Month. Country list box must be in one column i.e. vertical, where as Month list box should have horizontal layout.
  5. Activate Show alternative option of Country list box and check the impact.
  6. Create a bar chart with Country as a dimension and sum of sales as an expression and show only 10 dimension values
  7. Remove Limit and enable scrollbar on X- axis.
  8. Convert Column Chart to BAR Chart, Line, Pivot and Straight table and play with different formatting options under tab Color, Layout, Format
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