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Digital Marketing Manager

Job Description

We are India’s largest community of data scientists and analytics professionals. We have growth hacked our way to reach to this stage and we will continue to do so in the future – so you can expect a highly unconventional, innovative and creative team to work with, which challenges the status quo.
We are looking for a new age digital marketer – driven by data and insights, open to experimenting with an ability to drive sustainable growth over a long period of time. We believe that digital marketing is all about identifying various potential channels, experimenting with them, identifying the ones which can scale and then scaling them to achieve growth.
In this role, you will be in-charge of the entire marketing plan and execution to grow various platform of Analytics Vidhya ( datahack, trainings etc.) and drive traffic, registrations and signups to various AI/ML hackathons, trainings & analytics courses being offered on the platforms.
You will also be responsible for conversions, acquisition and cross-selling / up-selling various offerings on these platforms to various B2B and B2C users.  Other responsibilities include tracking and evaluation of marketing initiatives (both online and offline), collaborating with designers, working with the other marketing, sales and data science teams and identifying new online marketing opportunities and trends to grow the platforms.

Skills Required

  1. Should have flexibility, creativity, project and time management skills to plan and execute the digital marketing plan and activities.
  2. The person should have high curiosity and the ability to challenge assumptions and the status quo.
  3. Should understand the platforms and the offerings (hackathons, trainings, courses, etc.) and devise marketing communication strategies for them.
  4. Work with internal business stakeholders, be business savvy and have excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  5. Should be up to date with latest trends in online marketing, tools, techniques and execution strategies in digital space.
  6. Experience with social media marketing, online product launches, web tools, etc.
  7. Search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimisation (SEO).
  8. High proficiency with Excel, slicing and dicing data.

Education & Experience

  1. Relevant Work-experience of 3+ years in online marketing (preferred work-ex of marketing in online education platforms, education start-up, online courses offered by analytics training institutes, online products, e-commerce platform marketing, online product marketing etc)
  2. Education : Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Commerce, Mathematics, Science, Economics, Business Admistration
  3. MBA in marketing is preferred

Location: Gurgaon