1. This test has been designed by a team of data scientists having more than 10 years of experience in the data science analytics industry.
  2. This test has been designed for people striving hard to become a data scientist, but struggle to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses in unbiased manner. Hence, we do not intend to coerce people to become a data scientist.
  3. The recommendations so suggested are a result of your choices and we recommend you to follow them to achieve the best results from this test.
  4. These are not exhaustive recommendations, you are free to add more to your action plan if you feel the need.
  5. By this test, we do not intend to promote any kind of data science related products i.e. job, brand, website.
  6. We understand that a generic test like this might not fit / answer every ones answer appropriately. Like all research methods, it is meant to apply for majority of cases and is bound to have deviations.
  7. We do not wish provoke / hurt anybody’s sentiments by underestimating / overestimating the results. If somebody feels, he / she can nail data scientist job, go ahead by all means. We’ll be happy to support you anyways.
  8. Resources shared are meant to give you a headstart on your action plan. You are free to take up any other pertinent resource according to your choice and comfort.
  9. If you find the test result to be absurd, take the test again. Results are solely based on choices made.
  10. Analytics Vidhya does not take any responsibility of training participants in becoming a data scientist. However, we are always available for guidance at our forum.