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Dashboard reports provide Managers with information regarding the key performance indicators of the business at a glance. Excel along with VBA is a powerful tool to create these dashboards that provide analysis and insights in a timely manner.

You will learn:

  • Working with Controls
  • Command Button, Text Box and Label, Combo Box, User Forms, Scroll Bar and Check Box
  • Create a simple calculator dashboard.
  • Using the above functions to make simple parts of a dashboard.
  • Using Pivot Table to make simple dashboard.
  • Dynamic Charts, Rolling Charts, Formatting Charts, Format as Table, Naming a Range
  • Introduction to VBA
  • Recording a Macro and Editing the Macro
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Control Statements
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • Worksheet and Workbook Events
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Connecting Excel to Outlook & PowerPoint(Requires strong VBA skills)

Mode: Offline

Duration: 20 Hours

Part time/ Full time: Part Time

Fees: Rs. 11,000

  • MS Excel
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