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Analysis of Algorithms aims to enable precise quantitative predictions of the properties of large combinatorial structures. The theory has emerged over recent decades as essential both for the scientific analysis of algorithms in computer science and for the study of scientific models in many other disciplines, including probability theory, statistical physics, computational biology and information theory.

This course covers

  • Recurrence relations,
  • Generating functions,
  • Asymptotic, and
  • Fundamental structures such as trees, permutations, strings, tries, words, and mappings, in the context of applications to the analysis of algorithms.

Course Syllabus:

  • Lecture 1  Analysis of Algorithms
  • Lecture 2  Recurrences
  • Lecture 3  Solving recurrences with GFs
  • Lecture 4  Asymptotics
  • Lecture 5  The symbolic method
  • Lecture 6  Trees
  • Lecture 7  Permutations
  • Lecture 8  Strings and Tries
  • Lecture 9  Words and Mappings


6 weeks

Start Date: 4-Mar-2016 to 22-Apr-2016

Time Requirement:

6-8 hours per week

Part time/ Full time:

Part time


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