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R analytics is a free software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis as R has stronger object-oriented programming facilities than most statistical computing languages.

Another strength of R is static graphics, which can produce publication-quality graphs, including mathematical symbols. Dynamic and interactive graphics are available through additional packages.

What makes R powerful?

  • Some of the most advanced statistical analysis capabilities
  • Facilitates predictive analytics (its core strength)
  • Mind blowing data visualizations to help you report better
  • Ability to process and make sense of unstructured data such as text, video, voice and log data
  • Create data analysis with flexibility to mix-and-match models for the best results
  • Established in both academia and corporations for robustness, reliability and accuracy.

Applications of R Analytics

  • Industrial forecasting
  • Drug testing and development
  • Real-time trading
  • Risk assessment
  • Software analysis, testing and development
  • Mostly every business and industry that needs data to make business-critical decisions

What will you learn by end of this course?

  • Acquire knowledge of analytic tool (R)
  • To get knowledge of statistical concepts
  • To acquire analytical skills

Course Program:

  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Introduction to Statistical concepts used in business analytics
  • Basic Analytic Techniques using R
  • Modeling Techniques


24 LIVE interactive classes of 1 hour each / 12 Live classes of 2 hours each for 4 weeks, using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom- you will be able to view the instructor LIVE and participate in real-time discussions with the instructor


6:00 AM-08:00 AM- EST

6:00 PM-8.00 PM IST

Fees: – INR 21,999

Full time/Part time:

Part Time

  •  Working knowledge of MS Windows and MS office
  • Maths and Statistics knowledge (School level)
  • R
  • Level Next Education (Bangalore, India)
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