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This course aims to guide complete beginners in data, table from basic queries through to advanced topics. The course consists of a multitude of interactive exercises interwoven with high-quality videos in which Matt and Arun explain you the programming concepts.

  • 4 hours of total course material.
  • Over 35 challenging interactive exercises.
  • Get from Novice to Expert in 3 fun chapters.
  • Unlimited access to videos; slides and related content.

This course is set up in Data Camp’s interactive platform that aims to enhance the learning experience by offering a learning-by-doing approach.

The material is presented by short videos and slides to explain major elements.

In order to consolidate your learning, every section ends with interactive exercises that let you practice the covered concepts while giving you tailored feedback.

Course Content

  • Chapter One – Data. table novice
  • Chapter Two – Data. table yeoman
  • Chapter Three – Data. table expert


4 hours

Fees: –INR 5700 (assuming $ = INR 60)

Part time/Full time:

Part time

  • Matt Dowle
  • Arun
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