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Data analysis becomes essential part of everyday life. After this course, you will be able to conduct data analysis task yourself. Gain insights from the data.

Will be using R – widely used tool for data analysis and visualization.

Data Science project will be core course component – will be working on it after mastering all necessary background. Doing data analysis from ground up to final insights.

Starting from very basics we will move to various input and output methods. Yet another important concept – visualization capabilities. After the course you will be able to produce convincing graphs.

Background behind functional programming will be presented – including building your own functions.

After finishing the course you will feel much more comfortable programming in other languages as well. This is because R being fully empowered programming language itself. Main programming concepts presented:

  • Various data types
  • Conditional statements
  • For and While loops

Target Audience:

  • Beginners data analysts
  • Students
  • Users of other analysis tools
  • Those who loves data

Mode: Online

Fees: Rs.4, 740/-

Duration: Life time access once you sign up

Taught By: Mangirdas Adomaitis- Data analyst, Online Advertising specialist

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