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0-6 Month Online
Intermediate 5-Feb-2016
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Online Self Paced 1677
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In this online course, “Data Mining in R,” you will learn how to perform data mining tasks using R.

The course follows a learn-by-doing-it strategy, where data mining topics are introduced as needed when addressing a series of real world data mining case studies.

Course Program:

  • Week 1: Predicting Algae Blooms (Case Study 1)
  • Week 2: Predicting Algae Blooms (Continuation of Case Study 1)
  • Week 3: Detecting Fraudulent Transactions (Case Study 2)
  • Week 4: Classifying Microarray Samples (Case Study 3)

Important Date:

February 05, 2016 to March 04, 2016


4 Weeks

Time Requirement:

About 15 hours per week, at times of  your choosing.


INR 32,940 (assuming $ = INR 60)

Part Time/Full Time:

Part Time

1+ years of programming using R


R users who want to learn how to apply R to data mining.  Data mining analysts in search of new tools.  Students in statistics.com’s PASS program in Data Mining seeking an affordable data mining tool.  Note that working in R will be more involved than using a specially designed interface for data mining, such as those found in major commercial data mining programs.

  • R
  • Dr. Luis Torgo
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