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This program is developed by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from which you can learn data mining techniques for both structured data and unstructured data.

This course teaches:

  • pattern discovery,
  • clustering,
  • text retrieval,
  • text mining and analytics,
  • And data visualization.

This specialization included 6 courses.

  1. Data Visualization
  2. Text Retrieval and Search Engines
  3. Text Mining and Analytics
  4. Pattern Discovery in Data Mining
  5. Cluster Analysis in Data Mining
  6. Data Mining Project

Duration: 4-5 months (More or less depends on your scheduled)

Mode: Online/ Self-paced

Course start date: Nov 7

Fees: INR 24,874 (Full Specialization)

Programming along with Basic knowledge of probability and statistics.

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