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ZooKeeper is a coordination service that provides sets of tools to help manage distributed applications. Building distributed applications comes with challenges that are intrinsic to distributed applications itself, which includes maintaining configuration information, groups, naming, and synchronization. ZooKeeper allows developers to handle these challenges to create robust distributed applications. ZooKeeper comes with a set of guarantees: sequential consistency, atomicity, single system image, reliability, and timeliness.  This course will help you learn how to use ZooKeeper to keep your Big Data applications running smoothly despite the challenges of operating in a complex distributed environment.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to ZooKeeper
  • The ZooKeeper Data Model
  • Programming and Advanced Topics.




4 Hours

Part Time/Full Time:

Part Time

  • Basic Linux Operating System knowledge
  • Basic programming skills
  • ZooKeeper
  • Hadoop
  • Aaron Ritchie and Henry Quach
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