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Excel 2007: Creating Charts with Dynamic Data – Lynda

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Excel 2007: Creating Charts with Dynamic Data shows how simple data in Excel can be used to build exciting and updatable charts. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Curt Frye explains how to use both named ranges and Excel tables to create charts that adjust as the data changes. Curt demonstrates how to specify the number of points in a chart and how to use a drop-down list to select which data series is displayed. Finally, he shows how to use Pivot Chart reports to reorganize and visualize data on the fly

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Course Program:

  • Creating an expanding chart
  • using formulas Specifying the first Point
  • the number of points for a series Plotting points at regular intervals in a series
  • Filtering a Pivot Chart report to find the right information


INR 15,00 (assuming $ = INR 60)


40 minutes 47 Second

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  • Excel
  • Pivot table


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  • Curt Frye

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