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This course, author Curt Frye shows how to perform a wide range of financial calculations quickly and easily using the many financial functions found in Excel 2010. The course details dozens of functions for evaluating cash flows; calculating depreciation; determining rates of return, bond coupon dates, and security durations; and more.

Course Program:

  • Analyzing loans, payments, and interest
  • Discovering the interest rate of an annuity
  • Determining depreciation using the straight line, declining balance, double-declining balance, and other methods
  • Calculating the future value of an investment with variable returns
  • Finding the discount rate of a security
  • Converting between fractional prices and decimal prices
  • Determining the yield of securities that pay interest periodically


INR 15, 00 (assuming $ = INR 60)


2 hour 18 minutes

  • Curt Frye
  • Excel
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