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With Excel’s data validation tools, you can control how users input data into workbooks and ensure data is entered consistently and accurately. You can control the dates, the times, even the length of the text they enter, or simply provide a list of acceptable choices to eliminate any possible mistakes. Here, Dennis Taylor explores how the data validation tools in Excel 2013 can be used to set dropdown lists, and control numeric data, dates and times, and text data

Course Program:

  • Testing for whole numbers and decimals
  • Using the input message box
  • Sequencing and placing lists
  • Creating multitiered lists
  • Setting date and time limitations
  • Limiting text length
  • Locating data validation rules
  • Requiring entries to be unique


INR 15, 00 (assuming $ = INR 60)


1 Hour 5 Minutes

  • Excel
  • Dennis Taylor
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