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This course provides a basic introduction to Excel via a case study. In the case study, you will analyze the product sales from a business, Cowboy Business Machines. Like other Excel courses, you’ll learn the basics: data and number formats, formulas, copy/paste, insert/delete, printing, data filtering, pivot tables and charts.

This course is different from most other Excel courses because it focuses on the use of Excel to answer real business questions like “Who were the top customers for the year?” “What were the top-selling products?” “Did sales increase or decrease?” So you’ll also learn about business topics like invoicing and sales.

At the end of the course, there is a lesson on how to write a basic business report to summarize the results from the product sales analysis: what topics to include, and some formatting tricks in Microsoft Word. So this course is not just about Excel: it’s about how to analyze business data and communicate the results with clarity.


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Target audience:

  • Recent graduates looking for work, especially those from non-business majors.
  • College students, especially those starting a program in business. The course is recommended by the Oregon Business Education Association.
  • People starting their career, who wish to accelerate their promotion path.
  • People returning to work in the business world, after an extended absence.
  • Anyone curious about using Excel to summarize data to find valuable information

Mode: Online

Fees: Rs.2, 340/-

Duration: Life time access once you sign up

Taught By: Jeff Knowlton- VP Global Services, Datalogic ADC


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  • Excel


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