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In this online course, students will learn why Bayesian computing has gained wide popularity, and how to apply Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques (MCMC) to Bayesian statistical modeling the BUGS package (WinBUGS/OPENBUGS). Participants will learn how to use BUGS software, use it to estimate parameters of standard distributions, and implement simple regression models.

Course Program:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Bayesian MCMC
  • Week 2: Bayesian Programming in BUGS
  • Week 3: Bayesian Posteriors
  • Week 4: Bayesian Regression

Important Date:

August 28, 2015 to September 25, 2015


4 Weeks

Time Requirement:

About 15 hours per week, at times of  your choosing.


INR 37,740 (assuming $ = INR 60)

Part Time/Full Time:

Part Time

Statistical analysts and consultants who need to make decisions (or advise decision-makers) via a process that incorporates domain-specific information — not simply abstract and arbitrary statistical rules.

  • WinBUGS
  • Peter Congdon
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