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The online course, introduces the basic concepts and methods of resampling, including bootstrap procedures and permutation (randomization) tests. The approach of the course is to teach inference: interval estimation, one- , two- and k-sample comparisons, correlation, and regression, from a resampling perspective, without complex theory, mathematics or confusing statistical notation. A companion course, Bootstrap Methods, covers the bootstrap with more theory and in greater detail.

Course Program:

  • Week 1: The Resampling Approach to Inference
  • Week 2: Working with Count Data
  • Week 3: Working with Multivariate Data

Important Date:

July 08, 2016 to July 29, 2016


3 Weeks

Time Requirement:

About 15 hours per week, at times of  your choosing.


INR 28,140 (assuming $ = INR 60)

Part Time/Full Time:

Part Time

Analysts with data or statistics not suitable for standard analysis (small sample sizes, for example, or non-standard statistics), analysts who have had some statistics and want to deepen their knowledge of statistical inference, statisticians unfamiliar with resampling seeking a basic introduction, instructors interested in the easy-to-understand, non-formula-based resampling approach.

  • R
  • Resampling for Stats
  • Robert LaBudde
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