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Companies are using array of dataviz tools to decipher the data. QlikView is one of the widely used BI and dataviz tool in the industry which is easy to learn and perfect to get started with data visualisation.

QlikView’s in-memory platform lets users explore data, generate insights from the dynamic dashboards and help organisations solve business problems. QlikView Server and Publisher course will help you master the QlikView Server.

The main objective of this course is to train professionals in handling various components of QlikView Server and manage various QlikView services. The course aims to provide you comprehensive knowledge about QlikView from getting started with QlikView to monitoring & administering the server like an adept.

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The course is delivered via 61 video lecturers and in a self-paced format. It’s an online course hosted on Udemy. The course is available for lifetime and there is no additional cost for it. The instructors provide constant support via slack channel.

You Will Learn:

  • Understand various components of QlikView server architecture
  • Understand QlikView deployment methodologies
  • Difference between QlikView server and publisher
  • Install, configure and manage QlikView server
  • Troubleshoot QlikView server and publisher
  • Manage QlikView logs
  • Manage various QlikView services
  • EDX triggers and task dependencies
  • Master QlikView administration – Power Tools etc.
  • Manage QlikView server security
  • Deep dive QVPR

This course will guide you every step of the way to master various aspects of QlikView administration.

And it comes with 30 day money back guarantee!


  • Install, configure and manage QlikView server
  • Troubleshoot QlikView server and publisher
  • Manage QlikView logs
  • Manage various QlikView services
  • Understand various QlikView development methodologies
  • Understand various components of QlikView server

Deep understanding of QlikView internals and server components help QlikView developers make better design decisions. This course covers topics right from basics to QlikView server installation and configuration and there is no prerequisite. It helps QlikView developers to become QlikView administrators and also helps them to prepare for QlikView Administration Certification. This course is the most comprehensive one on QlikView Server and Publisher. Not just developer, it helps administrators to enhance their skills on some advanced topics. Currently, there are 254 students.

The course covers all aspects of QlikView and guides you on how to get started with QlikView. The course is designed for a novice to intermediate working with QlikView. It will definitely help:

  • QlikView developers who are required to manage QMC to schedule QlikView jobs
  • QlikView administrators who are responsible to implement QlikView server and publisher

QlikView consultants who are expected to know about QlikView server administration

The course teaches you QlikView and Qlik Sense and contribute to charity that educates underprivileged kids.

The instructors have over 10 years of combined QlikView experience so the courses include their practical experience that can help students to learn and master QlikView quickly.

Deepak Vadithala (aka DV):

DV is a highly skilled and talented architect and developer. Over his 12 years’ experience, DV has continually developed his skills in many areas through both theory and practice, including SQL/BI within Business Intelligence, Data Management, ETL and Report Development/Automation. His specialities include Qlikview 11, QlikSense, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server, T-SQL, SSIS, SPSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Access, Excel VBA and Google Analytics. He has become an ‘aficionado’ of QlikView, a sophisticated and globally recognised Business Intelligence platform application. DV is a certified Qlik 11 Designer, Developer and Administrator. His Honors and Awards also include – Qlik Luminary 2014, QlikView application nominated for Gartner BI Awards 2012, QlikView application presented during business discovery event 2012, Certified Scrum Master (PSM), Ranked within top 40 contributors on QlikView Community, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Technical Reviewer for QlikView Scripting Book.


Shilpan Patel:

Shilpan is passionate about sharing QlikView knowledge. He has over 15 years of experience in business intelligence under his belt. Shilpan has broader experience in various verticals including finance, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare. Shilpan is a certified Qlik 11 Developer and Designer

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