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Meet Tableau, the powerful data visualization program from Tableau Software. You will be introduce key skills such as creating visualizations, combining data from multiple sources into a single view, managing Tableau workbooks, creating different types of visualizations, and summarizing data using maps and dashboards. Get a deeper understanding of your data with Tableau and start making better decisions for your company.


  • Installing and running Tableau
  • Connecting to a data source
  • Joining related data sources
  • Displaying the data underlying a workbook
  • Adding, duplicating, and renaming worksheets
  • Creating a packaged workbook
  • Creating a heat map
  • Creating a basic map
  • Setting map options
  • Creating a dashboard

Fees: INR 15, 00 (assuming $ = INR 60)


1 Hour 22 Minutes 16 Second

  • Tableau
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