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Simplifying Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka- Big Data University

Big Data University
0-6 Month Online
Intermediate Contact Institute
Online Big Data
Online Self Paced 214
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In this course you will learn Kafka’s architecture and components to allows geographically distributing data streams and processing to be built fault-tolerant, high-throughput and horizontally scalable.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Apache Kafka
  • Module 2 – Kafka Command Line
  • Module 3 – Kafka Producer Java API
  • Module 4 – Kafka Consumer Java API
  • Module 5 – Kafka Connect and Spark Streaming

Duration: 3 Hours

Mode: Self-Paced

Course Level: Intermediate

Fees: Free

  • Basic of Apache Hadoop, Big Data, Linux
  • Basic understanding of the Scala, Python, R, or Java programming languages.
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